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How much is employee camaraderie worth to your company?

Has anyone ever asked you, “Do you have a best friend at work?” For some, it’s a quick gut-check to evaluate if and how well they get along with their co-workers. For others, particularly large organizations, it’s a barometer for understanding key “people” issues like absenteeism, turnover, productivity and profitability. … Read More

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Hidden Features Enhance Photo Sharing In Bonfyre

Back in December we brought you one of our favorite features, #autosanta, which added a Santa beard and hat to give your photos some holiday cheer.


At Bonfyre, we like to have a little fun, so we’ve added some more hidden gems to give your chat feed and photos some flair. … Read More

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You know what's sexy?  A real conversation.

Content in Context: Guest Post by RadiantCX’s Jen Oertli

Google “content” and the first thing that comes up is the definition of the word with the emphasis on the second syllable (con-TENT), meaning “in a state of peaceful happiness. “ In this context, we use content (CON-tent) to describe words, images, videos, interactions and more that bring a particular subject to life in a social or digital space. But the definition above still applies. … Read More

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Bonfyre’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Bonfyre we receive a number of questions daily in regards to the technology, various uses, and more. Below are some of our most common FAQs. Enjoy!  … Read More

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Featured in BizBash: How To Use a Conference App for Ongoing Networking

Last week, BizBash published a story on Bonfyre about our work with Marriott International for their 3000-person GM Conference last month. We wanted to show our gratitude to BizBash and Mitra Sorrells for the piece. Here’s an excerpt to find out how Marriott employees are using their conference app for ongoing networking… … Read More

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Long-term event engagement: our recent work with Marriott

BizBash recently published a story about how Marriott used Bonfyre to drive long-term event engagement and we wanted to follow up with a bit more detail about the project. Marriott is a great company and customer to work with – not to mention they really know how to create an incredible conference experience! We’re very grateful to have their support in telling our story and the great results we produced. … Read More

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New feature: personalized agendas have arrived!

At Bonfyre, we focus on human interaction while still providing access to important information users need. With our personalized agenda feature, customers can deliver a personalized agenda to each guest via Bonfyre.

Here’s how it works… … Read More

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Bonfyre powers CORO-LNY “Issue Day” to deliver deeper civic engagement

Participants of Coro’s Leadership New York (LNY) program kept warm around the Bonfyre in the cold winter months this year. Coro’s LNY Program is a nine-month interactive leadership program that includes a series of “learning days”, called an Issue Days that small groups of program participants plan for the other members of the cohort. One Issue Day group partnered with the Bonfyre staff to make their day an interactive experience that started well before their day began and has continued through the duration of the program. … Read More

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Coordinate and celebrate your event using Bonfyre!

Happy St. Patty’s day to you! Or, if you want to be really authentic, you could say it in Gaelic which would be “Lá sona ú patrick ar a thabhairt duit!” There’s your fun fact o’ the day, courtesy of the Bonfyre Team.

keep calmRead More

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best event app

Selecting the best event app? Keep 3 things in mind

Todays corporate event manager has dozen of event apps to choose from, but selecting the best event app for your event can be the difference of a huge success or a total failure.

Sorting though thousands of features, websites and reviews only makes the decision process to find the best event app more confusing.

When choosing the best event app for your company, first answer these three questions: … Read More

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YMCA of San Diego County Creates Innovative Company Retreat With Bonfyre

“If you can visualize it, if you can dream it, there’s some way to do it.” – Walt Disney.

With “Vision” as their theme, the YMCA of San Diego County team was looking for a new, innovative way to engage their employees at their annual retreat at Disneyland. They looked to Bonfyre to help build camaraderie throughout the event, provide a way to share photos and event updates in real-time, and create a paperless retreat. … Read More

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The Best Social Networks for Engaging Event Attendees: Take Your Pick

We may be partial, but is there really a social media “silver bullet” when it comes to engaging event attendees? Marketing Profs recently posted an article with a report from FreemanXP and the Event Marketing Institute, which show Facebook and Twitter as the most effective social media channels to drive community engagement at events.

Social Media

Read More

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We’re hiring! Entry Level Project Coordinator Opening

Job Description | Project Coordinator

We are expanding our project management team! We are hiring an entry level Project Coordinator. This position will assist and support Bonfyre implementation for corporate event customers. … Read More

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How to Build Strong Client Relationships

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the past few years is how important it is to have genuine, strong relationships with your clients. Having good relationships with your clients not only makes your day-to-day life more pleasant but provides a number of additional benefits as well. … Read More

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Bonfyre Partners with Missouri Valley Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament

The Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) will add an innovative digital fan experience to its 25th anniversary men’s basketball tournament – known uniquely as Arch Madness. The Valley has partnered with Bonfyre — a St. Louis-based social-sharing app — to create a unique community around its annual event. Fans can join via their mobile device to receive exclusive content like behind the scenes action, courtside footage, prizes, access to the fan guide and real-time game updates. … Read More

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Enhancements to Pop Surveys Paves Way for Live Polling

Over the past several weeks, the Bonfyre Team has been working hard to enhance our “pop survey” feature to create an even more interactive experience for your corporate event or engagement programs. So, what’d we do?

Now, you can create, post, manage and present surveys using our web app with several visualization options to make viewing and managing the data more meaningful and fun. Here’s how to try it out! … Read More

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Event Technology: Powering Human Interaction or Simply Accessing Information?

Mitra Sorrells recently wrote a short post about leveraging “crowdshaping” technology to optimize the event experience which she defines as “passive… using technology that detects people’s preferences and interests based on their actions.” Mitra goes on to cite a few examples of how firms like George P. Johnson and others utilize RFID technology to (1) improve the event experience by managing logistics in real-time (ex: track where individual guests are to prevent bottlenecks) and (2) create new opportunities for interaction (ex: you walk up to an exhibit and you automatically receive information about it). … Read More

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How Technology Is Changing Marketing

Social media has become a modern staple of life. According to the Pew Research Center, 74% of internet users are on social media and 40% of those users are checking social media on a mobile device. Because of that, traditional advertising and marketing practices have fallen by the wayside. Real-time connections and targeted, relevant messaging have taken their place. … Read More

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Bonfyre partners with evolve24 to offer actionable insights for event and conference planners

Gain insight into event effectiveness with participant sentiment, network influence, activity and speaker-specific scoring, and more


ST. LOUIS – February 9, 2015 – Bonfyre, the two-year-old social networking startup, and evolve24, a leading big data analytics company, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership to offer actionable insights to Bonfyre’s corporate event customers who use Bonfyre to increase engagement ROI for their conferences, celebrations, retreats, incentive trips and more.Read More

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Defining culture is as much about the process as the result


A decade ago I developed a simple exercise to define the cultural values of a company. The first step of the exercise starts by asking everyone to submit five adjectives that best describe the company in an ideal state. These values are collected, grouped based on similar concepts and distilled down to the single word that best represented that word group. Input was anonymous so every person’s ideas are included and given equal consideration. … Read More

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