Bonfyre Seeking Intern For Fall 2015 Semester

Calling all college students! Looking for an exciting, meaningful internship that gives you real experience? Do you consider yourself a jack of all trades? We are looking for driven, talented students majoring in communications, marketing, PR, or business to join our expanding team here in St. Louis for the Fall 2015 semester.

Our intern works with all aspects of our company from projects with our CEO to helping our Development Team test new functionality within the app. We ask for a minimum of 20-25 hours a week, but we are flexible with the schedule so you can maintain a second job and/or school courses. … Read More

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Bonfyre & The Swashbucklers – strengthening my EO Forum

I’ve been a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) for over 3 years. Aside from a host of professional and personal development and social activities, the greatest value (by far) I’ve gained has been from my “forum.”

Each member participates in this group of 8-10 other entrepreneurs in non-competitive businesses that meets monthly for a half day to talk through the highest highs and lowest lows of our personal and professional lives. For me, and I would say the other members of my forum, this has been nothing short of a life-altering experience. … Read More

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New “card” structure offers Premium Users more dynamic bonfyre engagement

We’ve revamped the “More” section, offering Premium Users a new level of versatility with our new “cards” structure, dynamic context bar and much more. Here’s what’s new! … Read More

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Go bridal with Bonfyre – Guest post from Perfect Wedding Guide

Our friends at Perfect Wedding Guide of St. Louis remind us that like many corporate events, weddings are full-scale production but can always use a digital tool like Bonfyre to enhance the experience. We’ve partnered up with them for bridal expos and other events — check out their guest post!  … Read More

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Around the World With Bonfyre

Working for Bonfyre has allowed me to experience some amazing things. Most recently, sending me to Cape Town, South Africa to work a conference with one of our clients. Never in a million years did I think my job would take me to such an amazing location, but I feel extremely lucky to represent the company and have such a cool experience. Of course, I documented my whole trip via Bonfyre. All my friends, family, and co-workers were able to join and follow along with me as I traveled the country. … Read More

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Creating a Digital Scavenger Hunt for Teambuilding with Bonfyre

We recently came across a great write-up from our friend Mitra Sorrells with BizBash about 9 Digital Scavenger Hunts for Teambuilding. Though Bonfyre wasn’t one of the featured platforms, we wanted to showcase a few programs, features and partners who have leveraged our app as a digital scavenger hunt for teambuilding — a natural extension of employee engagement Here are 7 things you should know…enjoy!  … Read More

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Rethinking the “ERG” (Employee Resource Group)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), also known as Business Resource Groups (BRGs), Employee Groups, Employee Networks, are prevalent. In fact, almost every company we have worked with over the last few years has them – veterans groups, multi-cultural, women in leadership, LGBT and the list goes on. All designed to help people feel better connected and engaged with a company. But after a recent strategy session with one of the world’s leading companies on inclusion, some very interesting data was shared indicating its time to rethink the ERGs. … Read More

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“Access to People” vs. “Access to Information”

Over the last 10+ years, social networking has fundamentally and forever altered how people build and maintain meaningful relationships in their lives with content. Sharing billions of photos, videos, gifs and status updates about our pets, children, food, activities and more – content has become an indelible part of the fabric that connects us to the people we care about. … Read More

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Lighting the Fyre: Why Internships Are an Integral Part of the College Experience

The thought of graduating high school inspires students around the United States this time of year. In just a few months, seniors will travel to the college of their choice, experiencing freedom for the first time. They’ll be on top of the world: nagging parents will be left behind, attending class will be optional and curfews will be a thing of the past. How could life get any better? … Read More

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Boosting App Engagement with Light &

Boosting App Engagement with Light & Sound Technology: Guest Post by Wham City Lights’s Abbey Parrish

As a technology company, we’re always on the lookout for other cool technology, apps and engagement solutions. WHAM City Lights is a fantastic platform to amplify the live experience for corporate events, concerts and more. Enjoy our guest post from WHAM’s Abbey Parrish. … Read More

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Around the Bonfyre with Heather Bartel: “Employees Matter – How Engagement, Culture and Data-Driven Insights Can Improve Business Results”

We sat down with Heather Bartel, VP of Marketing for our big data partner, evolve24, to talk why employees matter and some key concepts, ideas and tools that help comprise a new trend within the “B2E” (business-to-employee”) landscape. Check out our full interview!  … Read More

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New features: trivia & interactive maps have arrived!

We’ve got two exciting new premium features to help enhance engagement for your Bonfyre community: trivia and interactive maps! … Read More

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now you may speak coffee mug

Trying to engage employees? Don’t forget the humor

For those who don’t know him, Chris Brogan is a big deal in the world of social media.  Chris speaks around the globe, consults with Fortune 500s, is a New York Times best selling author and is ranked by Forbes as the most influential person in social media. He is also funny and likable.  More like a Jon Stewart funny than a Seth MacFarlane or Jerry Seinfeld funny,  He observes the world a little differently and uses humor to make fun of things relevant to the conversation … Read More

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Meaningful Content Creates a Lasting

Meaningful Content Creates Lasting Impression for Attendees

While the definition of “meaningful” differentiates between people, as a company or organization, you must still define what is meaningful to your audience. Let’s say you are putting on a conference for 500 managers from your company. You want to make sure the messaging you are sending to them resonates and is meaningful for what they are experiencing. There are a few key steps you can take before your event even begins to ensure you are obtaining maximum engagement from your attendees.

Read More

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Bonfyre Teams Up with Postpartum Support International as Official Non-Profit Event App!

Bonfyre recently teamed up with a non-profit called PSI, Postpartum Support International, as the official app for their fundraising event held in St. Louis, MO!

PSI used Bonfyre as their official event app to connect all of their attendees at the Girls Night Out event that was put on to raise awareness of the organization, awareness on specific women’s’ issues and to give women an opportunity to relax and pamper themselves for an evening. … Read More

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Auto Fancy

How much is employee camaraderie worth to your company?

Has anyone ever asked you, “Do you have a best friend at work?” For some, it’s a quick gut-check to evaluate if and how well they get along with their co-workers. For others, particularly large organizations, it’s a barometer for understanding key “people” issues like absenteeism, turnover, productivity and profitability. … Read More

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Hidden Features Enhance Photo Sharing In Bonfyre

Back in December we brought you one of our favorite features, #autosanta, which added a Santa beard and hat to give your photos some holiday cheer.


At Bonfyre, we like to have a little fun, so we’ve added some more hidden gems to give your chat feed and photos some flair. … Read More

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You know what's sexy?  A real conversation.

Content in Context: Guest Post by RadiantCX’s Jen Oertli

Google “content” and the first thing that comes up is the definition of the word with the emphasis on the second syllable (con-TENT), meaning “in a state of peaceful happiness. “ In this context, we use content (CON-tent) to describe words, images, videos, interactions and more that bring a particular subject to life in a social or digital space. But the definition above still applies. … Read More

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Bonfyre’s Most Frequently Asked Questions

At Bonfyre we receive a number of questions daily in regards to the technology, various uses, and more. Below are some of our most common FAQs. Enjoy!  … Read More

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Featured in BizBash: How To Use a Conference App for Ongoing Networking

Last week, BizBash published a story on Bonfyre about our work with Marriott International for their 3000-person GM Conference last month. We wanted to show our gratitude to BizBash and Mitra Sorrells for the piece. Here’s an excerpt to find out how Marriott employees are using their conference app for ongoing networking… … Read More

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