Enhancements to Pop Surveys Paves Way for Live Polling

Over the past several weeks, the Bonfyre Team has been working hard to enhance our “pop survey” feature to create an even more interactive experience for your corporate event or engagement programs. So, what’d we do?

Now, you can create, post, manage and present surveys using our web app with several visualization options to make viewing and managing the data more meaningful and fun. Here’s how to try it out! … Read More

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Event Technology: Powering Human Interaction or Simply Accessing Information?

Mitra Sorrells recently wrote a short post about leveraging “crowdshaping” technology to optimize the event experience which she defines as “passive… using technology that detects people’s preferences and interests based on their actions.” Mitra goes on to cite a few examples of how firms like George P. Johnson and others utilize RFID technology to (1) improve the event experience by managing logistics in real-time (ex: track where individual guests are to prevent bottlenecks) and (2) create new opportunities for interaction (ex: you walk up to an exhibit and you automatically receive information about it). … Read More

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How Technology Is Changing Marketing

Social media has become a modern staple of life. According to the Pew Research Center, 74% of internet users are on social media and 40% of those users are checking social media on a mobile device. Because of that, traditional advertising and marketing practices have fallen by the wayside. Real-time connections and targeted, relevant messaging have taken their place. … Read More

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Bonfyre partners with evolve24 to offer actionable insights for event and conference planners

Gain insight into event effectiveness with participant sentiment, network influence, activity and speaker-specific scoring, and more


ST. LOUIS – February 9, 2015 – Bonfyre, the two-year-old social networking startup, and evolve24, a leading big data analytics company, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership to offer actionable insights to Bonfyre’s corporate event customers who use Bonfyre to increase engagement ROI for their conferences, celebrations, retreats, incentive trips and more.Read More

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Defining culture is as much about the process as the result


A decade ago I developed a simple exercise to define the cultural values of a company. The first step of the exercise starts by asking everyone to submit five adjectives that best describe the company in an ideal state. These values are collected, grouped based on similar concepts and distilled down to the single word that best represented that word group. Input was anonymous so every person’s ideas are included and given equal consideration. … Read More

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Bonfyre Ignites Student Engagement at the University of Missouri St. Louis

Pilot project expected to show increase in student communication and engagement

ST. LOUIS – February 2, 2015Bonfyre, the “social network as-a-service” start-up, launched a pilot project this week with the University of Missouri St. Louis to understand the impact of Bonfyre in the classroom.  The pilot project was created out of mutual interest to further research on the relationship between virtual communication, engagement and performance using Bonfyre’s private social networking platform. … Read More

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Bonfyre Hires: Sales Director

Bonfyre is a social networking as-a-serivce company for engaging people delivering greater engagement, intelligence and value for our customers. Each bonfyre is a private social network for real-time chat, photo and video sharing that can be tailor-fit with dozens of advanced features. Free for anyone to use, enterprise customers pay to access tools like moderator options, analytics, engagement and more.

Bonfyre is expanding its sales team starting with a Sales Director to continue our growth in the corporate event and employee engagement marketplace. … Read More

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Don’t build an Employee Engagement Program, Engage People

Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article entitled “5 Inexpensive Ways to Create a Company Culture like Google’s”. The piece lives up to its title by providing a ‘quick hit’ list of fun office challenges, a weight loss/health initiative and celebrations as the missing elements building a great culture. … Read More

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Anonymous Social Networks and Human Interaction at Events

Josh Constine posted an interesting article yesterday on how anonymous social networking app Secret is being used as a communication vehicle around events.

While there are many apps that enable communication around events like conferences, meetings, concerts etc. (including my company Bonfyre), he brings up an interesting topic around the relationship between anonymity and honesty. … Read More

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Introducing Bonfyre Enterprise: New features for large-scale employee engagement

Over the past several months, we’ve helped our customers feel more connected and drive employee engagement with new features like real-time surveying, content management, active directory sync and many more. Welcome to Bonfyre Enterprise! Check out the full press releaseRead More

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Gain real-time insights with Bonfyre’s newest feature, “Pop Surveys”

You asked for it, we delivered. “Pop surveys” are finally here to help you gain new, real-time insights from your audience at conferences, corporate events, project teams, off-sites and more. Unlike other robust survey integration platforms, our survey tool features one-question prompts within a bonfyre to participants can answer instantaneously.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to easily create, distribute and measure results for pop surveys directly in a bonfyre.


1. Start a bonfyre or jump into an existing one from your list

2. With your ‘Details’ drawer, click ‘Surveys’ and add a new one from upper right corner

3. Choose from Multiple Choice or Short Answer

4. Add your question (and answers if you select Multiple Choice)



1. Once created, the survey “banner” will appear within the bonfyre chat for participants to answer (it’ll also remain in the Details; only one can be active at a time).

2. Participants can answer the survey by clicking the “New Survey Available” button in just moments



1. Once answers are submitted, the responses will update in real-time for the Admin/Creator of the bonfyre to view.

2. The  Admin/Creator can also export the the survey data right to your Inbox (click the “share” icon and enter an email address)

3. Want to visualize it for an audience? Project the app on a screen/projector for all to see your new insights!

Survey 2

Wondering where to start? Here are 5 survey topics we recommend…

  • Get to know your audience  – Favorite restaurant, favorite movie growing up, and other fun facts.
  • Engage event attendees – Favorite speaker today, pick the theme for next year’s event, key learnings/insights
  • Company focused – Where should the next happy hour be, what charity you would like the company to donate to, etc.
  • Get to “majority rules!” quickly – Pick a restaurant for dinner, which movie should we go see, etc.
  • Create a fun game – “Would you rather” questions, trivia, etc.

Have questions about surveys? Email hey@bonfyreapp.com and we’ll help you out.

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Meet Us At The Fare! Bonfyre Teams Up With St. Louis World’s Fare

“Meet me in St. Louis, Louis, meet me at the Fare!”


We’re excited to announce our partnership with the 2014 St. Louis World’s Fare! The 1904 World’s Fair introduced all kinds of exciting new inventions, like the x-ray machine, and the ice cream cone. While we admit it’s hard to compete with such epic inventions as those, we’re excited to continue in the spirit and tradition and bring our new technology to this event!

Bonfyre will provide attendees with a digital program that is available right in their pocket. Fare goers can access maps, schedules, and share their experience via photos and videos and see a 360 degree view of the entire event.

The three day event takes place on Art Hill and the Grand Basin in Forest Park. Check out the Culinary Pike for all sorts of treats and goodies from local food trucks and restaurants. There will also be a Kids Island for family friendly activities. The Business Expo, powered by Bonfyre, will showcase local businesses and products they offer.



There are three bonfyres you can join to experience all that the World’s Fare has to offer!

1. St. Louis World’s Fare Main

2. St. Louis World’s Fare Culinary Pike

3. St. Louis World’s Fare Business Expo

To learn more check out www.stlworldsfare.com

We hope to see you at the Fare!


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Bonfyre Is Hiring: Internship Opening

Looking for an internship? You’ve come to the right place.

We’re looking to bring on someone who is interested gaining experience in a startup environment. Our intern works with all aspects of our company from projects with our CEO to helping our Development Team test new functionality within the app. Preferably a college student pursuing a major in marketing, communications, business, or public relations. We ask for a minimum of 20-25 hours a week, but we are flexible with the schedule so you can maintain a second job and/or school courses.

Please send a resume and cover letter, with subject line “Internship Applicant”, to jobs@bonfyreapp.com


  • Assist with coordinating, organizing, setting up and breaking down special events. Some weekend or evening work at local events may apply. Opportunity to join our part-time brand ambassador team
  • Research events and prospects in the St. Louis area and nationwide for potential Bonfyre integration
  • Assist with potential lead generation and building new client relationships
  • Review copy for promotional and informational materials including flyers, sales collateral, potential client kits, etc.
  • Assist in creating training presentations, focus group agenda and questionnaires
  • Create and publish blog posts for company website
  • Attend and sit in on client meetings to assist supervisory staff
  • Assist with Bonfyre account creation and management
  • Brainstorm, test, and provide feedback for product development and technology
  • Serve as company Brand Ambassador
  • Light office duties may apply as needed


  • Must have a positive “can do” attitude
  • Tech-savvy
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Creative, open-minded, outgoing, strong initiative as well as willingness to learn
  • Knowledge of basic communication principles, media, and marketing techniques
  • Must have flexible schedule
  • Basic Microsoft Office skills/proficiency in Excel, Word, Powerpoint
  • Experienced in Social Media including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest
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Verizon Wireless Names Bonfyre A “Must Have App For Concerts”

Verizon Wireless recently wrote an article about great apps for concerts. Bonfyre was fortunate to be included amongst other rockstars such as Shazam and Spotify.

Bonfyre allows you to connect with other concert goers to share the ultimate experience all in one place. From epic crowd shots to high-quality photos, concert-goers can share and re-live a show from every vantage point.

“Once the show starts, it’s fun to talk about your experience and share photos with fellow fans in real time.” – Brenda Hill, Verizon Wireless News Contributor


With Bonfyre you can socialize from your seat. Chat with friends who are across the arena, snap a selfie, or catch up after the show. No need to worry about messy newsfeeds, constant pings from a group text, or draining your phone’s battery life. Bonfyre allows you to create a unique memento of your concert experience and share it with those that matter most.


“Everyone joining the conversation is interested in the subject, ensuring you are connecting with others that are just as enthusiastic about the show as you!” -Brenda Hill, Verizon Wireless News Contributor


To learn more about Verizon’s concert app picks, check out the full article here.

Have a question about bonfyre? Email us at hey@bonfyreapp.com


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Mystery Image, What Is This?

If you’ve clicked on the camera icon to add a photo or video to a bonfyre, you might have noticed some other fun features we offer; Location, Weather, and Mystery Image. The first two are pretty self explanatory. Click to post a map or the 4-day forecast of your current location.

photo (45)

As for Mystery Image, if you haven’t tried it out yet, well let’s be honest, you’re definitely missing out. Sure, Bonfyre is a photo-sharing app, but we’ve upped the fun factor with this special feature.

So how does it work? Mystery Image allows you to post a completely random photo, pulled from Google images, that is associated with the word or phrase you type in the chat bar. We’ve seen some pretty hilarious photos show up and have entire bonfyres solely based on Mystery Images.

photo 4 (9)


Follow the steps below and let hilarity ensue.

1. Click the camera icon within a bonfyre
photo 1 (38)

2. Click “Mystery Image”
photo (46)

3. Type a single word or phrase into the search box. 
photo 2 (33)

4. Click the paper airplane and await your Mystery Image to post!
photo 3 (19)

Sidenote: You do not get to preview the image before it posts to the bonfyre. Once you click the paper airplane it is sent automatically. If you are not of the fan image it gives you, simply swipe the image to the left and click the trashcan to delete. Then try again!

Have a question? Email us at hey@bonfyreapp.com


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The “Details Section” in a bonfyre just got a makeover!

We’ve made the “Details Section” even easier to navigate and have given you more power to customize a bonfyre to your needs. Just click “Edit” to begin. Check out all the fun additions and options we’ve added!

photo 2 (32)

 1. Add Card
You can now create additional cards within the details section. Add a description, date and time of an event, add a map, extra text or images cards, or even create a custom button!

photo 1 (37)

2. Custom Button
Custom Buttons allow you to link to an event page, website, or document. Simply give the button a title, add an image, then drop in the link you’d like the button to navigate to.

photo 4 (8)

3. Reorder Cards
Move your custom cards around! You decide which cards should be at the top of the list.

4. QR Code
Don’t worry, we didn’t get rid of the QR code. We stored it nicely under a button in case you ever need to access it. Just click “Anyone can scan to join” to access it.

photo 3 (18)

The “Details Section” is a great place to store important information. It’s like a digital brochure or info packet in your pocket.

 Want a custom card or feature for your event? Email partners@bonfyreapp.com.

Have a question? Email us at hey@bonfyreapp.com.


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How To: Change Notification Settings

Want to figure out how to manage your Bonfyre notifications in just a few easy steps? Switch the settings for your entire account, or make specific adjustments to each bonfyre you are a part of!  All you have to do is decide if you want to be notified often, occasionally, or not at all! … Read More

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Bonfyre for the Office!

Keeping the office connected and up-to-date can take multiple forms of communication in order to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.  E-mails work for more formal communications and instant messaging is good for quick questions, but how do you create a space for employees to share little tidbits about their lives, coordinate out-of-office events, or congratulate individual accomplishments in a fun and easy way?

Bonfyre is the answer to all of these questions! Our team has multiple bonfyres going at all times; a bonfyre for the whole office, one for our part-time Street Team, and even one we made to keep up with our events manager when she traveled to Turkey! We use them to share pictures of our families, blast out new music we find, wish each other happy birthday, and more! It’s perfect because it’s instant, casual, but most importantly, exclusive to just the the employees at Bonfyre, so no one else can see our funny and crazy messages.

IMG_5839 IMG_5840

Need more reasons to create an office bonfyre? Check out our list below:

  1. Introduce new employees in the bonfyre, allowing everyone to send them a big welcome as soon as they start!

  2. Get instant feedback on a new idea from the entire office without a messy mass e-mail

  3. Share articles or blog posts on your company and your competitors so everyone can easily keep up with the latest news in your field.

  4. Coordinate social events, such as baseball games, happy hours, volunteer opportunities, etc.

  5. Announce fun pick-me-ups, such as free cake or donuts in the breakroom for that mid-afternoon sugar fix

  6. Create a fun, friendly atmosphere around the office, and forge friendships between employees.  It boosts moods, improves teamwork, and makes work more fun!

IMG_5841 IMG_5838

No company is too big or too small for Bonfyre. Create one just for certain departments, or create one for the entire office.   Once you get hooked into one, you’ll want to create them for every circle of your life!

Give it a try and then comment below on how it’s working out! We’d love to chat about more tips and tricks on how your company can use Bonfyre.

Questions? Drop us a line at hey@bonfyreapp.com

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How To: Upload Videos

Have an impossibly cute micro video of a dog or baby or both? Fear not, you can share them to your heart’s content in all of your bonfyres!

Simply follow a few steps to become a Bonfyre video pro:

1. Log in to your account

2. Open the bonfyre you want to drop the video into

3. Tap orange camera icon in bottom right corner


4. Tap “video” and choose to either record a new video or import an existing on


5. If you want to record a new video, begin recording by tapping and holding the center button.  You can release the button, and then hold again to continue recording.

Tap the ghost icon so you can see exactly where you stopped recording the last snippet before starting the next snippet.

Trapped in a dark room? Turn on the flash feature and keep recording your life’s events.


6. Record as much as you want, but then tap “next” and choose which 9 seconds you want to actually upload.  Simply drag the allotted 9-second bar from left to right until you are happy with your editing.


7. Don’t forget you can preview the chosen 9 seconds before uploading!

8. Once you’re happy, tap save. Add a caption and check off which bonfyres you would like to share the video in (you can simultaneously drop the video into multiple bonfyres by highlighting them with an orange checkmark).  Then, tap “upload video” and get ready for the likes and comments start rolling in!


Have a question? Email us at hey@bonfyreapp.com.


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