The Bonfyre Platform Offers Employee Communication App & Desktop Tools

Modernize your communications.
Delight your employees.

Internal communications must be immediate, interactive, and strategic—this is where most company intranets fall short. Bonfyre’s employee communication app gives you an immersive and personal way to reach every employee every day wherever they are.

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Real-time company updates.

Announcements make it easy to share real-time updates with the whole company or a specific group of employees. From major milestones to safety alerts, reach employees anytime, anywhere.

Actionable, real-time intelligence.

Analyze your employee’s chat and activity data to optimize communications, from the best time of day to share news to which kinds of content drives the most interaction.


Drive engagement with internal campaigns.

Keep employees up to date and increase participation in company initiatives like wellness, diversity, and philanthropy. Empower employees to bring these endeavors to life, creating ongoing conversations, credibility, and momentum.

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Facilitate two-way communication.

Informing employees is important, but Bonfyre’s interactive, multi-dimensional functionality enables engagement, giving employees the ability to respond and participate in internal communication initiatives.


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Beth Feuring, SVP, Director of Talent Development at Commerce Bank shares her personal experience with Bonfyre.

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