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Clear and custom communications

Bonfyre’s suite of communications tools support your internal communications strategy with features that ensure each employee group gets the messages most important to them.

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Employee Communication Tool App and Software

Broadcasts that won’t get buried

Share important information via real-time broadcasts to your entire organization, selected communities, or even a targeted list of employees. Bonfyre’s broadcast feature can auto-translate your message into 77 languages to ensure clear communication, no matter where they’re located.

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Built for community

Create communities based on departments, shifts, geography, or any other way employees organize. With unique, mobile-first chat feeds for each community, employees can share photos, videos, articles, and more to start conversations with those who share their interests.


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Easily accessible announcements

Ensure important messages get the attention they deserve. A banner in the app highlights new announcements and they are stored in one location to make it easy for employees to access them long after they are shared.

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Custom communications channels

Our customizable chat feeds and communities provide a place for employees to connect regardless of team or geography. Share knowledge and encourage conversations with the right group of employees at the right time. Give leaders a voice by hosting live Q&As in a dedicated community.

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Made to measure

Know when and how messages are received. Bonfyre’s valuable consumption data includes read receipts, peak time usage times, and device types to guide your strategy and maximize the impact of your messages.

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“We found Bonfyre to be another great way to share information, share stories, and connect the work we do back to our purpose.” – Luke Whitworth, SVP, Revenue Cycle Management

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