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It’s all about relationships.

Relationships are how employees build the feelings of trust, identity, well-being and altruism . . . these are at the heart of a highly engaged workforce.  People who feel engaged are more productive. They grow. They lead. They share ideas. And they stick around to make your company better.

Four Ways to Revolutionize Workplace Communication

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People who feel connected are 37% more productive

Employees are 7x more likely to stay if they have friends at work

A connected workforce produces 400% more revenue

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So how do you do it?

It’s different for every company. It’s why we’ve created something more than an app – it’s a dedicated employee engagement platform. Bonfyre combines simple and delightful real-time communication with dozens of features to support all of your employee engagement efforts.

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The Birth of HR Business Intelligence

TMA’s 2016 Human Capital Analytics Summit made it clear to me that despite the enormous financial benefit of an engaged workforce, the practice of collecting good data, providing thoughtful analysis, and applying that information to drive business results is in its infancy. But the potential to transform how we work is incredible. Collecting and reporting HR data is…

Are You Engaging Your Employees?

The VP of internal communications at a large company recently asked me to help solve a problem related to employee engagement. I listened carefully as she explained. Then, I asked, “What did your employees suggest?” It was a simple question, but it was met with a blank stare, as that question all too often is.…

5 Ways to Promote an Open Environment — and Avoid Oversharing

With 26 percent of American workers actively disengaged and another 45 percent feeling unengaged, it’s more important than ever to embrace an open and sharing workplace culture. Over the last 35 years, scientific research has demonstrated that human decision-making is influenced more by emotions than conscious thoughts. Emotions are so important that in 1994, poor…

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