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It’s all about relationships.

Relationships are how employees build the feelings of trust, identity, well-being and altruism . . . these are at the heart of a highly engaged workforce.  People who feel engaged are more productive. They grow. They lead. They share ideas. And they stick around to make your company better.

5 ways to promote an open environment — and avoid oversharing

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People who feel connected are 37% more productive

Employees are 7x more likely to stay if they have friends at work

A connected workforce produces 400% more revenue

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So how do you do it?

It’s different for every company. It’s why we’ve created something more than an app – it’s a dedicated employee engagement platform. Bonfyre combines simple and delightful real-time communication with dozens of features to support all of your employee engagement efforts.

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Bonfyre Builds Better Communities Through Better Communication

Email is probably the main method of communication at your company, but that doesn’t mean it’s getting the job done. It’s all too common for managers to mistake simply hitting the “Send” button for true communication. Employees want to feel a strong connection with their company and one another. They need and want information from…

Teach for America ignites recruitment team training with Bonfyre

Teach for America utilized Bonfyre for their annual 200-person recruitment training with the goals to build camaraderie between new and current employees, set a cultural foundation for the rest of the year, and unite employees around their mission. During the 30-day training, employees used Bonfyre to participate in team-bonding activities, access critical training information, foster…

3 Ways to Keep Culture Intact During Uncertain Times

When you’re watching a scary movie, you’re never sure what lies ahead. A certain anxiety takes over. That feeling of not knowing what to expect is unnerving. When work teams are combined or when mergers take place, that same sense of uncertainty can spread throughout the workforce. Employees may be unsure about their new team,…

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