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Gather around Bonfyre, and learn how we’re taking a new approach to driving engagement and aligning cultures.

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Go beyond processes. Think past surveys. And start making connections between people.

That’s right. Because people who feel connected are more productive. They grow. They lead. They share ideas. And they stick around to make your company better.

Four Things Every Engagement Initiative Needs to Have

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People who feel connected are 37% more productive

Employees are 7x more likely to stay if they have friends at work

A connected workforce produces 400% more revenue

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Bonfyre brings it all together.

So how do you do it? It’s different for every company. It’s why we’ve created something more than an app – it’s an entire platform to help you build a place where people want to contribute and bring their A-game to work every day.

Bonfyre brings a new, smarter spark to all of your employee engagement efforts.

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Building and maintaining personal relationships happens through shared experiences. The same applies for our work relationships, and corporate photo-sharing initiatives are one way companies can encourage their employees to interact meaningfully and share experiences with one another. Maritz Travel, for example, launched its Bonfyre community with a “Flat Stanley” campaign. The leaders’ faces were turned…

4 Ways Bonfyre Creates Spark at Conferences

If you’ve ever hosted or been to a conference, you know that throughout the hallways, main room, and breakout rooms, people have their heads down and eyes locked on their phones. Chances are they are not focused on content or messaging related to your event. For the sake and success of your event, though, you…

Bonfyre and Commerce Bank Announced as Finalists for the 2016 Employee Engagement Awards & Summit

Bonfyre and Commerce Bank are finalists for the 2016 North American Employee Engagement Awards & Summit Best use of Technology in Employee Engagement as well as Employee Engagement Project of the Year Award (Private sector – Enterprise), recognizing the use of technology to support and drive employee engagement with a people-first approach. Leveraging their 150th…

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