Create a workplace that people love.

Bonfyre makes it easy for teams to take the right actions that drive engagement scores, retention, and performance.

Bring every employee into a thriving culture

Bonfyre’s omni-channel engagement tools, library of pre-built actions, and action nudges enable organizations to identify and drive high performing engagement actions at enterprise scale.

Culture Coach

Automatically deliver pre-built actions leaders can take in 2-3 clicks based on their engagement scores, audience, and collaboration activity.

Bonfyre for Microsoft Teams

Launch and engage with actions through Microsoft Teams – no separate app required. (Slack coming soon!)

Bonfyre App

Transform the non-desk experience with a digital channel designed to meet their unique communications and engagement needs.

Automate Engagement

Bring engagement into your EX automation with event-based actions for birthdays, work anniversaries, promotions, to welcome and guide new hires, and support training and development.

Drive Performance

Directly measure the success of each engagement action and how it correlates to engagement scores, retention, and goal completion.

Help managers become better leaders with Culture Coach

Drive leader behavior at scale

Awarded “Innovation of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough, Culture Coach is the only closed-loop digital coaching solution.

Nudges with ready-to-implement actions make it easy for managers to improve engagement, culture, and inclusion. And with activity captured on the Bonfyre platform, Culture Coach optimizes for the greatest impact.

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Customers think we’re 🔥

“Bonfyre provided us another great way, even in a very disruptive and different work environment, to still feel like we all are part of one team.”
Luke Whitworth, SVP, Option Care Health
“It was about everyone in our organization being able to connect and be in-the-know in a different way.”
Beth Feuring, SVP, Commerce Bank
“Bonfyre was a phenomenal tool that allowed us to provide specific information… so that people were able to get the right information they needed at the right time.”
Mike Rude, SVP & CHRO, Option Care Health

Ignite your company culture

Find out how you can build a digital home for workplace culture with Bonfyre.