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Go beyond processes. Think past surveys. And start making connections between people.

That’s right. Because people who feel connected are more productive. They grow. They lead. They share ideas. And they stick around to make your company better.

Five ways to improve employee engagement.

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People who feel connected are 37% more productive

Employees are 7x more likely to stay if they have friends at work

A connected workforce produces 400% more revenue

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Bonfyre brings it all together.

So how do you do it? It’s different for every company. It’s why we’ve created something more than an app – it’s an entire platform to help you build a place where people want to contribute and bring their A-game to work every day.

Bonfyre brings a new, smarter spark to all of your employee engagement efforts.

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Bonfyre Helps Windstream “Discover” New Engagement Platform At Employee Conference

Windstream Communications leveraged Bonfyre at their 160-person Discover CSMB Conference, bringing together marketing and sales leaders from their Consumer and Small Business units. The bonfyre featured photo-contests, real-time surveys and access to key event info (including agenda and speaker bios), all with the goal of educating employees on the company’s new vision and direction, building…

World’s Leading Coffee Retailer Orders Up a Shot of Bonfyre

This past November, as many of us celebrated Thanksgiving, one of Bonfyre’s international customers, the world’s leading coffee retailer, hosted their annual European business development conference in London. The 2-day event brought over 70 partners together from around Europe to address 2016 strategic initiatives and key marketing tactics, welcome select business partners, and give back…

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Uses Bonfyre to Continue Their Fight Against Cancer

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (PBTF) fights every day to end cancer and provide comfort to the many families and individuals affected by this horrible disease. This important cause requires a dedicated staff and passionate volunteers from all around the country.

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