Bonfyre, the event app for engaging people



Events that last 53 days longer

Lots of money and time are invested to create incredible experiences. Start the bonfyre weeks in advance to build momentum and continue engagement after it’s over.

Complete solution that drives 60%+ guest engagement

We combine turnkey technology that’s easy and fun to use with activation and content strategies created specifically for your event.

Much more than paperless

Bonfyre offers easy access to information guests need without deprioritizing human interaction. Add personalized agendas, maps, bios, sponsors and more to your bonfyre.

Features that tailor-fit to your unique event

Customize your bonfyre with features to drive engagement and improve the experience like pop surveys, games, and networking tools or work with us to create something from scratch.

Data you can use

Higher quality engagement creates a wealth of new insights about how to improve the experience for next year – which activities/speakers resonated, guest sentiment, influencers and more.

Privacy and control that’s simple for everyone

From large events with thousands to intimate group conversations, each bonfyre is a private community that gives everyone total control over their experience – content, accessibility, notifications and more.

A few of the great companies using Bonfyre
"Bonfyre not only changed how we think of company events, but how we communicate as a company"
Michael Walsh CEO, Advanced Technology Group
"Bonfyre was an incredible addition to our HR conference. Our team connected in a whole new way"
Sara Wade SVP + Chief Human Resource Officer, Express Scripts
"Bonfyre solves a problem for any event that needs a private communication channel, and what event doesn't"
Jim Mckelvey Co-Founder, Square

Dozens of features, limitless options.

  • Directory Globe  3D globe that participants can use to discover meaningful new connections by searching for people, locations, skills, company or other custom fields you create associated with each user’s profile.
  • Puzzle  QR code-based puzzle feature drives and tracks sponsor booth visits or powers a live scavenger hunt contest. Customize each puzzle’s branding, background image, clues and more.
  • Trivia  Educate attendees about a destination, company history, particular topic of interest or make a lightweight fun game guests can play on or offline.
  • Personalized agenda  Import registration data to deliver a personalized itinerary for each participant in the bonfyre.
  • Interactive maps  Guests can see and learn more about activities or the places they will visit.
  • Photo contests  Hashtag-powered photo contests are a fun way to build camaraderie and increase guest engagement. Connect to a communications objective or theme for maximum impact.
  • Photo slideshow and .zip file  Create a custom branded slideshow for real-time viewing of photos from your bonfyre and easily export photos to a .zip file.
  • Surveys  In seconds, create a multiple choice or free response survey from your phone – collect feedback, enable participants to help shape their experience and more.
  • Announcements  Ensure guests see important updates by posting an announcement that is “pinned” to the top of the bonfyre until each user clicks on it.
  • Advanced Profiles  Participants can sync their LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook accounts with their bonfyre profile and add background and company info or fill in custom fields you create.
  • Moderation control  Delete any other user’s post and remove them from the bonfyre. Manage push notification settings for new content updates to digests.
  • Analytics  Measure adoption, engagement and content consumption. Understand which activities, speakers and posts resonated the most (and least) with attendees and more.

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