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Forever change your workplace culture, communication, and engagement.

Bonfyre’s workplace culture platform is reshaping the employee experience.

modernize communications

Modernize your employee communications.

Create the dedicated digital space required to support the investments you are already making in your culture.

build trust

Build trusting, collaborative relationships.

Our human-centered approach to technology enables employees to connect in meaningful ways that build trust.

hire a strategic partner

Hire a strategic partner.

Our team of experts provides strategic advice for launch and ongoing engagement, as well as recommendations based on data analysis from a Bonfyre ecosystem.

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Improving company culture starts with relationships.

Relationships build the feelings of trust, belonging, and altruism. These feelings are at the heart of a highly engaged workforce. People who feel engaged are more productive. They grow. They lead. They share ideas. And, they stick around to make your company better.

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Our average score given by clients this year.

So, how can your company foster better workplace relationships and culture? Keep reading.

How do relationships shape engagement and culture?

Why are employee connections essential?

What makes relationships critical in the workplace?

Bonfyre is built to support the overall employee experience.

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Great relationships start
with great clients.

Executives from Commerce Bank, Express Scripts, and Maritz Travel Company share their personal experience with Bonfyre.

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Commerce Bank
Express Scripts
Ferrara Candy Company
Frost Bank

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