Boost Your Internal Events

Whether it’s a town hall, employee training, or other in-person meeting, our event tools can help keep attendees engaged and maximize the impact of your live events.

Corporate Event Management Software & App
Agendas at your fingertips

Forget digging to the bottom of the swag bag for your session schedule. With Bonfyre’s agenda tool, keep important session information, like speakers and room numbers, easily accessible to all attendees.

Case study: Marriot Improves Networking at Regional Financial Conference

Improve engagement with live polls

No more boring town hall meetings. Create a dynamic experience for employees with live polling. Ask supplemental questions to keep your audience engaged and share results in real time.

Spread the word quickly

A session needs to switch rooms? Too many people still lingering in the lobby 5 minutes before your meeting begins? Get important information to attendees quickly with broadcast and announcement tools.

Test their knowledge with trivia

Ensure you’re transferring knowledge in a fun way. Use our trivia feature to test employees’ knowledge of company history, town hall announcements, session talking points, and more.

Fresh feedback

Curious how well received a speaker or session was? Don’t wait until next week to get the data you need to improve future events. Quick polls, session ratings, and surveys can provide feedback while the event is still fresh and top of mind.

Ignite your company culture

Help your leaders take the right actions to build the high performing cultures.

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“It was about everyone in our organization being able to connect and be in-the-know in a different way.”
Beth Feuring, SVP, Commerce Bank

Help managers become better leaders with Culture Coach

Drive leader behavior at scale

Awarded “Innovation of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough, Culture Coach is the only closed-loop digital coaching solution.

Nudges with ready-to-implement actions make it easy for managers to improve engagement, culture, and inclusion. And with activity captured on the Bonfyre platform, Culture Coach optimizes for the greatest impact.

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