Create a culture of recognition by making it easy and fun for team members to recognize great work, living values, and other achievements in ways that maximize visibility and impact.

Culture Coach AI

Smart recognition nudges tied to Microsoft Graph, Bonfyre, and employee META data help Managers and their teams recognize others’ work and extra effort that might otherwise be missed.

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Recognition Badges

Digital badges make it easy and fun for team members to recognize one person, multiple people, teams, or employee groups for target behaviors. Customize the design, definition, who can award, quantity limits, point or rewards values and more.

Celebrations Wall

Share recognition to the Celebrations Wall where everyone across the company can see and engage with recognition activity with a weekly Celebration summary to help everyone start their week off the right way. Learn More

Engage every employee

Unify recognition across desk and non-desk team members and truly connect everyone regardless of location, role, or language. Recognize any team member from any channel – Microsoft Teams or Bonfyre App.

Recognition Insights

Analyze recognition activity data to identify patterns and trends by department or manager and correlate to engagement survey scores and other business outcomes. Culture Coach AI optimizes recognition nudge delivery and suggestions to maximize uptake.

Ignite your company culture

Help your leaders take the right actions to build the high performing cultures.

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Help managers become better leaders with Culture Coach

Drive leader behavior at scale

Awarded “Innovation of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough, Culture Coach is the only closed-loop digital coaching solution.

Nudges with ready-to-implement actions make it easy for managers to improve engagement, culture, and inclusion. And with activity captured on the Bonfyre platform, Culture Coach optimizes for the greatest impact.

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