Transform the manufacturing employee experience.

Deliver the modern digital channel required to drive engagement, retention, and performance in manufacturing.

Engaging manufacturing employees can’t wait.

Transform the manufacturing employee experience with Bonfyre.

Bonfyre is a complete manufacturing

employee engagement solution.


A screenshot of a social media app on a mobile phone designed to engage frontline employees.

Build belonging with campaigns for holidays, values, or employee/customer stories. Use our campaign library or build your own.

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Team Activities

A screenshot of a social media app on a mobile phone designed to engage frontline employees.
Finally connect desk and non-desk teammates.

Bonfyre meets each employee where they are through the channel that’s best for them – connecting everyone regardless of location, role, or language. Learn more about our Employee App and Microsoft Teams + Outlook solutions.

Enable Leaders

Culture Coach delivers pre-packaged actions Leaders can take in just 2 clicks to improve engagement, retention, and performance. Learn more about Culture Coach.

Increase productivity and save time.

Source feedback for shift changes and volunteers for filling shift slots. Reduce miscommunication and go beyond word of mouth and signs in the break room. Read the case study.

More than great technology.

Your Client Success Team is with you every step of the way – from setup and launch to ongoing engagement and content planning and insights analysis. Learn more here.

Ignite your company culture

Help your leaders take the right actions to build the high performing cultures.

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“Bonfyre helps improve engagement scores by empowering employees and making them feel heard and supported. It’s helping us be an employer of choice – a place where people actively want to work for us.”
Senior HR Manager

Help managers become better leaders with Culture Coach

Drive leader behavior at scale

Awarded “Innovation of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough, Culture Coach is the only closed-loop digital coaching solution.

Nudges with ready-to-implement actions make it easy for managers to improve engagement, culture, and inclusion. And with activity captured on the Bonfyre platform, Culture Coach optimizes for the greatest impact.

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