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7 Ways to Improve Company Culture

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By focusing on ways to enhance relationships in the workplace, you can begin to improve company culture.

Culture connects employees to each other and to the company. Culture impacts every facet of the employee experience and trickles down to bottom line outcomes like productivity, retention, and revenue. So when contemplating ways to improve company culture, developing the relationships an employee has with their coworkers, managers, and leaders is an excellent place to start.

1. Invest in face-to-face interaction

With technology readily available, it’s easy to believe that a few quick keystrokes will save us time and make us more productive. However, some conversations are best held face-to-face, where there is less room for miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Before sending that next email or instant message pause to consider if that is the best channel for this particular conversation. Is it possible your intentions or tone may be misinterpreted through text? Asking yourself these types of questions before distributing important messages can help avoid miscommunications. Clear and timely communication can improve organizational trust and ultimately company culture.

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2. Plan meetings and events often

Proactively schedule dedicated time for employees to come together around shared interests frequently. If your team includes remote workers, consider virtual options as you plan, so all employees are included. By consistently creating the space for employees to connect, you demonstrate the importance of inclusion and collaboration in your organizational culture.

3. Exemplify the culture your employees crave

Establish patterns of consistent behavior that build a culture of positivity, inclusiveness, and belonging to improve company culture. Leaders in every level of your organization must communicate and model the desired behaviors you want to see within your organization. If the leaders don’t embody the desired culture, employees will become frustrated at the hypocrisy.

4. Recognize and celebrate wins frequently

Teach managers the value and importance of micro-recognition to consistently and frequently recognize progress and achievements among their teams. Create systems and tools for employees at any level to recognize their peers to improve company culture within teams and across the entire organization.

5. Ask for frequent feedback from employees

Then don’t forget to acknowledge it and act on it. Creating an environment where employees feel they have a voice is one way to improve the employee experience. People are more invested when they are allowed opportunities to be creative in their jobs. Co-creation is a powerful way to support engagement and improve company culture.

6. Address diverse and growing needs

Recognize the ever-increasing diversity in the workplace and the need to develop approaches that accommodate the breadth of individuals and provide each employee with the opportunity to shape their own experience.

Ask employees which communications channels they prefer for essential company messages. Use multiple channels if necessary to meet the needs of all employees. Another way to improve company culture is to assess your current benefit offerings. With multiple generations in the workforce, benefit offerings are becoming more diverse and customized to offer various options to address the variety of needs and expectations from employees.

7. Improve company culture with the right technology

Provide communication technology designed to improve communication, collaboration, and the employee experience. Technology should bring teams together, especially if your organization includes deskless, field, or remote workers.

Thoughtfully add technology, not just because it’s the latest trend. Keep change curves in mind to ensure new technology will not just frustrate employees, but will genuinely improve company culture by reducing employee’s pain points and making their jobs easier.

Relationships are at the heart of company culture, whether good or bad. Improving communication, feedback, and recognition are great places to start when looking for ways to improve your company culture. 

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