Team Activities

Build relationships, reflect on wins and challenges, reinforce training, and uncover customer and employee stories from across the entire organization. Bonfyre’s pre-built activities make it easy to engage at any level – from company-wide to individual teams.

Culture Coach AI

Automatically suggests pre-built team activities Leaders can launch in 2-3 clicks to build relationships and belonging tailored to their unique engagement survey scores, training programs, teams, and goals.

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Build workplace relationships through lightweight team activities designed to build commonality and belonging through sharing photos, stories, GIFs, and perspectives. Make it easy for every employee to participate when they want through the channel they prefer – Learn more about Microsoft Teams or Bonfyre App for frontline team members.


Extend the impact of training with activities to reinforce knowledge, share takeaways, and examples of putting learning to practice. Setup automated triggers based on module or training progression and customize activities to specific programs, departments, and roles.


Launch company or department-wide campaigns to capture powerful customer and employee stories from across the organization regardless of location, role, or language. Align with company values and key initiatives to foster shared sense of purpose and belonging.


Make it easy for Leaders to help their teams reflect on progress, success, challenges, and goals by automatically delivering pre-built activities they can launch at set intervals throughout the year.

Ignite your company culture

Help your leaders take the right actions to build the high performing cultures.

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Help managers become better leaders with Culture Coach AI

Drive leader behavior at scale

Awarded “Innovation of the Year” by RemoteTech Breakthrough, Culture Coach AI is the only closed-loop digital coaching solution.

Nudges with ready-to-implement actions make it easy for managers to improve engagement, culture, and inclusion. And with activity captured on the Bonfyre platform, Culture Coach AI optimizes for the greatest impact.

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