Bonfyre Offers Employee & Peer to Peer Recognition Program

Recognize excellence

Celebrate wins and recognize employees that embody your company’s core values with custom recognition badges. Bonfyre’s recognition tools make it quick and easy to send a digital high-five for a job well done.

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Peer to peer employee recognition

Recognition badges

Create a recognition program to support your organization’s unique culture. Bonfyre’s custom recognition badges support top-down and peer-to-peer recognition to quickly celebrate wins, big and small.

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Custom controls

Custom images and descriptions allow you to create unique recognition badges to support your organization’s core values. Administrative controls allow you to set numerical or personnel limits for badges to ensure they align with your recognition initiatives.

Customize recognition
peer to peer recognition in Bonfyre on mobile

The power of praise

Informal recognition given in the chat feed allows leaders and other peers to engage and join the celebration for a job well done. The sales team can thank your graphic designer for their help in creating a killer slide deck that helped close that big deal.

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peer to peer recognition in Bonfyre on mobile

Gauge your company’s gratitude

Bonfyre’s data can help you measure recognition and give you insights into what types of recognition messages your employees use and appreciate most. Knowing the “Unsung Hero” badge is an employee favorite can help inform and guide your recognition strategy.


“Through Bonfyre, we’re able to make more informal connections. We’re able to get to know one another on a more personal level, and all around, just be a more authentic voice within the organization.”

Jen Pruett, Express Scripts

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