Why Creating A Space For Workplace Engagement Is Essential

Infographic: Why Creating a Space for Workplace Engagement Is Essential

If you’re an employer who doesn’t see the value in non-work related interactions between employees, you might want to rethink your stance on your corporate culture and workplace engagement.

When employees talk at the water cooler, share pictures of family and pets, and make weekend plans with each other, they’re not wasting company time, they’re forming connections and creating a tighter-knit work community, ultimately improving workplace engagement.

We examined just a small sampling of content shared across Bonfyre communities to get a sense of how employees interact over time. We found when employees have a dedicated space to connect and share contentboth personal and work relatedit creates stronger workplace relationships, which are the backbone of a high-performing workplace.

Don’t believe us? Just look at the data in the infographic below about workplace engagement.


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