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We welcome contributions on Gather Around. Our focus is to educate forward-thinking HR, communications, people managers, and change leaders at enterprise organizations in the areas of employee experience, employee engagement, change management, internal communications, and company culture.

Please follow the guidelines and submission process outlined below. We look forward to hearing from you.

1. Articles and posts must be relevant

Relevant topics could be news of developments and trends affecting HR, communications professionals, or people managers and their workforce, data that can be used to measure performance, and content related to specific disciplines. If you’re unsure, refer to our existing content.

2. Get specific

We are dedicated to arming each of our core audience segments with the most recent research, best practices, and cutting-edge techniques to build winning people management strategies leveraging EX, change, engagement, internal comms, and culture. Guest contributions should offer a new or unique perspective, further the conversation around the topic of choice, or come from direct experience to give readers a deeper understanding of the topic.

3. How tos and lists are welcome

As long as you follow rule #2, how tos, lists, or data point collections can be incredibly helpful in describing how to implement something new, steps to take to manage a situation or improve a process, or the actual impact of an initiative.

4. Personal experience stories are encouraged.

Fun, interesting, or humorous stories that focus on key learnings, what’s gone well, or how you’ve bounced back from a failure give readers inspiration alongside concrete, real examples they can learn from and adapt to fit their situation.

5. Submissions from or about vendors

Submissions from or about vendors must not be sales pitches or product advocacy. Self-promotional content will be rejected. We place integrity above all, and it is our policy to be open and transparent and to avoid any chance of dishonesty or conflict of interest.
Authors who write about a vendor must disclose any direct or indirect financial or significant personal involvement with the company, agency, or, in the case of consultants, the individual. For example, if the author will or has received or an incentive from the mentioned vendor for publishing an article, this must be disclosed.

6. Sources matter

We strive to publish high-quality, educational, and well-sourced content with authoritative research and institutional knowledge from internal and external experts in the space.

7. Link to the original source material when possible

When material from a source is included, you must include a link to the original source material. If you reference a statistic, cite or paraphrase from a source, or make a statement intended to be taken as fact, you must link to the original, specific source whenever possible.

8. Quality over quantity

Generally, our articles are between 700 – 2500 words, but it really comes down to the quality of the content and if you told the story clearly and completely. Quality will far outweigh article length. We won’t accept or reject submissions based on length alone.

9. All material is subject to editing

Each selected submission may be edited or revised for grammar, accuracy, clarity, interest, and length. Gather Around may include additional links or substitute links as appropriate. Additional content may be added to supplement the original submission. Headlines may be suggested, but all are subject to change based on the discretion of Gather Around. Crediting an author or awarding a by-line is at the discretion of the editor.

How to submit:

For first time contributors, please include the following information with your submission, if applicable:

  • Author’s full name
  • Author’s title
  • Company
  • Company URL
  • Author’s brief bio (1-2 sentences)
  • Author’s headshot (jpg, no larger than 1MB)
  • Link to authors social profiles

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