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Assembling the right people is just the beginning.

Trust and camaraderie are a result of relationships built around more than just work being done. Bonfyre creates the dedicated digital space separate from productivity tools for employees to share interests and build lasting bonds.

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Build trust and camaraderie.

With photos making up 55% of the content, Bonfyre creates the space where employees and leadership feel comfortable sharing and connecting around personal interests or shared experiences. The more commonality employees recognize, the more they trust one another and, by extension, the company.

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Collaborate and solve problems together.

Provide a centralized location that allows your employees to talk more, share more, build trust, and even create their own communities, developing a digital space for team building, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.


Make large companies feel small.

Reach across multiple offices and departments, breaking down walls to help teams connect on a personal level.

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Measure engagement.

You can see who’s using Bonfyre and how they’re sharing and downloading content. You’ll be able to identify leaders and even gauge team sentiment, so you can take action right away.


Great relationships start with great clients.

Jen Pruett, Sr. Director HR Communications at Express Scripts, shares her personal experience of creating human connections and building stronger teams with Bonfyre.

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