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Bonfyre is designed to support the investments your organization is already making in culture and employee experience. Our platform enables employees to connect without disrupting spaces reserved for productivity or bringing colleagues into their private social media. We encourage employees to reach out beyond the immediate constellation of their coworkers and connect with colleagues all across their organization. When employees feel connected, it leads to a highly engaged workforce.

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Team building platform

Work where everybody knows your name

Whether it’s finding a lunch buddy, the company product expert, or a pitcher for the company softball team, Bonfyre communities allow you to find coworkers that have the information you need or share your common interests. Our platform creates a place to build relationships day in and day out, not just during happy hour.

Team building platform

Get everyone on the same page

When employees understand their leaders and the company vision, they feel more connected to their work. Our community chat feeds give leaders a place to showcase their personality, share company information, engage and connect with employees to build relationships and trust.


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Clear communication employees crave

Give employees easy access to benefits information, the holiday schedule, and the ability to ask a clarifying question about volunteer day. Our platform supports your internal communications strategy with a digital place to broadcast and store important information that employees can access 24/7.

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A digital pat on the back

Encourage managers to give a shout out to an employee following safety protocols and share it with the company. Amplify the behaviors you want to encourage and reward employees living out your mission and culture in real time to improve the employee experience.

team building ideas
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Employee feedback. No disguise required.

You don’t have to go undercover to discover what improvements your frontline workers are asking for. Curious what employees would change about their job if they could? Just ask. When employees can affect positive change at work, they feel like a valued team member.

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See how Bonfyre’s mobile-based solution helps with team building for remote and frontline employees. Allowing them to connect to their work and find shared interests that go beyond job titles.

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