Make it easy for Teams to take the right actions to drive engagement scores, retention, and performance.

Enable leader action at scale

Culture Coach provides weekly nudges through Microsoft Teams and email, so managers don’t have to remember when or spend lots of time researching how to engage their team.

Drive high performing actions

Culture Coach automatically identifies and drives the actions most highly correlated with engagement scores, retention, and performance.

Engage every team member

Leaders and their teams can easily initiate and engage with actions through whichever channel is best for them – Microsoft Teams, Bonfyre App, or email/SMS. Meet teams where they are to strengthen culture and drive high-performing actions.

How it works

Culture Coach bridges the gap between engagement surveys and action plans by directly enabling and measuring individual actions tailored to each leader’s unique needs, engagement scores, and goals.

Kate manages a team of 20 direct reports

Her team is a blend of on-site and remote workers

Kate automatically receives Culture Coach nudges based on her engagement scores

Action Plan

Culture Coach automatically recommends pre-built actions for Kate based on her engagement scores and goals.

90 days to spark your culture

Scaling your culture doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start small and build each quarter. Our customer success team will guide you along the way.

2-4 weeks

Create your pre-built action library tailored to your culture, audiences, training, engagement survey questions, and more.

2-4 Weeks

Automatically generate action plans for each Leader based on their team’s survey scores, collaboration activity, training, and more.

90 day cycles

Activate Culture Coach.


Automatically optimize nudges based on which have the highest uptake rate, team engagement, and correlation to KPIs.

Customers think we’re 🔥

“Bonfyre provided us another great way, even in a very disruptive and different work environment, to still feel like we all are part of one team.”
Luke Whitworth, SVP, Option Care Health
“It was about everyone in our organization being able to connect and be in-the-know in a different way.”
Beth Feuring, SVP, Commerce Bank
“Bonfyre was a phenomenal tool that allowed us to provide specific information… so that people were able to get the right information they needed at the right time.”
Mike Rude, SVP & CHRO, Option Care Health

Ignite your company culture

Help your leaders take the right actions to build the high performing cultures.

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