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Employers and managers face many new challenges at work

For Employees

  • With more remote takeaways and socially distant work, your employees have way fewer in-person interactions.
  • Gen Y and Z (65% of the workforce) are often struggling to connect with co-workers.

For Managers

  • They know engagement is key, but don’t have time to research virtual team activities.
  • Most didn’t “grow up” with Instagram or Facebook and lack skills to engage digital teams.
  • They get limited guidance on how to improve engagement-related OKRs.
  • In hybrid workforces, culture gaps across employees are even more acute.

employees say work/life balance is getting worse


employees don’t feel acknowledged or accepted


employees no longer feel connected with co-workers


workforce is Generation Digital
(Y and Z)

Culture Coach: A complete solution for scaling culture

Drive leader behavior at scale

Managers can improve engagement, culture, and inclusion. Culture Coach provides weekly nudges through Microsoft Teams, SMS and email, so managers don’t have to remember when or how to engage their team.

Optimize for the right behaviors

Culture Coach provides unique end-to-end visibility – from behavior nudge, to leader action uptake, and direct report participation – to identify and drive the right engagement actions that move the needle on KPIs.

Boost participation in company culture

Leaders can initiate actions – from recognition to photo campaigns – that automatically invite others to join in through email, Teams, SMS, and more. Meet employees where they are to strengthen culture and drive team-level engagement OKRs.

Help your managers become better leaders

Give your leaders the resources and skills they need to strengthen relationships in a modern digital workforce.

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