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How to Engage With Attendees Long After an Event Is Over

Corporate events are big investments of time and money that last a few days (at most) because time is at a premium for participants. That’s why the best way to ensure a solid return on your event investment is to think beyond planning the in-person, live experience and engage attendees before, during, and after the…

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5 Things Smart Entrepreneurs Can Do to Improve Workforce Engagement

Having worked for a global corporation, a university, a local government, a nonprofit and several startups over my 20-year career, I’ve noticed one thing, in particular, that’s increasingly clear: Company leaders can have very different ideas of what constitutes success.  Some focus on maximizing profits or advancing technology over building a great culture. Others are more…

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The Birth of HR Business Intelligence

TMA’s 2016 Human Capital Analytics Summit made it clear to me that despite the enormous financial benefit of an engaged workforce, the practice of collecting good data, providing thoughtful analysis, and applying that information to drive business results is in its infancy. But the potential to transform how we work is incredible. Collecting and reporting HR data is…

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