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Mergers & Acquisitions

Engagement is always important, especially during times of change. Transform the integration journey with a rapidly deployed “Day-1” channel to engage every stakeholder and drive the right engagement actions that move the needle on Change KPIs.

  • Deploy a Day-1 Channel
  • De-Escalate Concerns
  • Collect Feedback
  • Align Culture
  • Drive Integration KPIs

Deploy a Day-1 Channel

Make communications available to your stakeholders from the start. Provisioning new employees on digital tools can take months (or longer), creating significant communication and engagement challenges. Bonfyre is a rapidly deployed, digital channel accessible on Day-1 to every stakeholder – IMO, champions, consultants, sales teams, etc.

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De-Escalate Concerns

Integrations inevitably create stakeholder uncertainty. Bonfyre transforms integration information flow with Day-1 hyper-targeted, multi-language communications and digital resource access. One- and two-way communities make it easy for the right information to spread to the right people. Plus, key resources—from D&I and benefits—can be made accessible in seconds.

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Collect Feedback

With so much change, impacted stakeholders are a key resource to optimize the journey. Proactively identify challenges with Bonfyre’s quick poll and confidential multi-question surveys to gather feedback along the way. Combined with communities, Bonfyre creates continuous feedback loops to enable the integration—from benefits presentations to sentiment.

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Align Culture

One of the hardest parts of any integration is aligning culture between two different organizations. Bonfyre makes it easy to bring values and target behaviors to life with customizable recognition badges and informal “pat on the back” posts from peers and leadership that maximize visibility amongst impacted stakeholders.

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Drive Integration KPIs

As a stakeholder engagement hub, Bonfyre creates insights that correlate integration KPIs like retention, survey responses, or output to everyday digital behaviors. By understanding which activities—from resource clicks to recognition posts—drive outcomes, Bonfyre automates actions and “nudges” for People leaders designed to move the needle.

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Security is your priority. It’s ours too.

Bonfyre combines engineering best practices and highly-secure data storage with a product that naturally creates greater privacy and control. We employ encryption technologies to protect passwords and undergo rigorous, third-party network and application testing to ensure your information is safe.


“We’re excited to collaborate with Bonfyre to deliver our differentiated, digitally-enabled change experience to clients who are transforming their business, merging, or acquiring capabilities. Bonfyre moves beyond a foundation of digital stakeholder engagement to enable organizations to achieve behavior change at scale.”

Maya Smallwood | Principal | People Advisory Services | Ernst and Young

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