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Build and maintain culture across the entire organization

At the heart of every high-performing organization is a strong culture that is built on a network of strong relationships between employees. Bonfyre provides the necessary tools to support the investments you’re already making in culture to forge these relationships across every role, department, and location.

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changing company culture
create engaged employees

Create more engaged employees

Make your culture dreams a reality with communities dedicated to promoting communication and connection–two requisite ingredients for engagement. Strengthen employee connections to every element of their daily experience: their work, colleagues and team members, and the company.

create engaged employees

Foster a culture of recognition

Build a culture of appreciation that lifts employees to higher levels of performance. Bonfyre’s tools make it easier than ever for peers, managers, and executive leadership to recognize each other often.

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increase employee recognition
culture alignment

Establish culture alignment

Organize employees regardless of location or role around key cultural pillars and bring core company values to life with chat, photo, and video tools.


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culture alignment

Energize employees for more productive events

Stretch your investment in town halls, leadership conferences, and other important culture gatherings with a suite of event tools designed to help employees connect before, during, and long after the event.

event agenda


“It was about everyone in our organization being able to connect and be in-the-know in a different way.”

Beth Feuring, Commerce Bank

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