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Create a collaborative and happy environment.

Today’s workforces span not just talents and responsibilities, but generations and geographies. Bonfyre creates a digital space to bridge these gaps and allow both leadership and employees to navigate a changing company culture and bring initiatives to life. 

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It all starts with relationships.

Give employees a dedicated digital space to connect and build personal relationships. After all, employees who have friends at work are seven times more likely to stay in their jobs.

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Measure and adjust.

Get real-time results and insights to identify influencers and uncover which activities and initiatives are most effective, so you can make adjustments on the fly or capture ideas for future company culture change strategies.


Support existing employee programs.

Reach employees through diversity or affinity groups or employee resource groups that stretch across multiple locations to celebrate successes and milestones, keeping stakeholders throughout your company connected.

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Establish culture alignment.

Bring your company culture to life, giving every employee a way to socialize your core values and share what they care about through chat, photos, and videos.


Great relationships start with great leaders.

Executives from Commerce Bank, Express Scripts, and Maritz Travel Company share their personal experience with amplifying culture and driving engagement.

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