Bonfyre People Intelligence & Employee Assessment Tools

Improve your company with the power of people intelligence.

By analyzing daily usage data from Bonfyre, you can learn which employees are engaged, informed, and happy, and what areas may need some work. This intelligence helps inform strategic decisions about your most important asset – your employees.

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Increase employee performance.

Gain insight on exactly what works to keep your employees empowered and engaged–leading to increased productivity, retention and performance.

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Solve problems now.

Identify knowledge gap before it impacts performance, or proactively detect shifts in attitudes before they affect morale.


Support leadership teams.

Analyze behavioral data from a variety of angles, enabling managers to become more effective at supporting and empowering every employee in the organization—across locations and disciplines—increasing productivity and performance.

Improve organizational structure.

Analysis of informal networks and communication patterns can help you improve the structure of the organization so it better aligns with the way work is actually being performed.


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Commerce Bank, Express Scripts and Maritz Travel Company share their personal experience with amplifying internal communications, culture, and engagement.

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