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Power to the people intelligence

Data. It’s the difference between having a hunch your internal initiatives are working and having proof of results. Bonfyre’s robust reporting and intelligence capabilities interpret platform usage data to help inform strategic decisions.

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Data to confirm what you know, inform what you don’t

Take the temperature of your Bonfyre ecosystem with our dashboard. Understand what keeps employees engaged in your communities with reports on the number of chats, comments and likes, engagement rate, biggest influencers, and who is being recognized the most.

Case study: Explore how one company correlated Bonfyre use to employee retention

Bonfyre Insights dashboard preview

Measure the impact of internal investments

Bonfyre’s data insights allows leaders to understand the impact of their team-building and culture efforts on bottom-line outcomes. Leverage this data to assess the impact of your internal investments in these areas.

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Bonfyre insights dashboard

Assess and optimize reach

Usage data such as time of day, day of week, and device type along with content consumption data, such as opens, reactions, and read receipts, help leaders measure the impact of communications and optimize messages to reach employees at the right time.

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Bonfyre insights dashboard

An ear to the ground

Analysis of trending conversation topics provides qualitative data leaders can leverage to identify knowledge gaps before they impact performance, or proactively detect shifts in attitudes before they affect morale.

Predictive problem solving
employee engagement survey results

Employee feedback in the blink of an eye

Need employee data fast? Create custom one question quick polls or longer multi-question surveys to get the data you need from employees when you need it.

employee engagement survey results

See how Bonfyre’s mobile-based solution helps remote and frontline employees to connect to their work and find shared interests that go beyond job titles.

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