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Option Care Health launches dedicated channel to build workplace relationships; sees 21% lift in employee engagement scores.

Option Care Health is a leading provider of home infusion services committed to delivering high-quality, cost effective solutions to make a positive difference in people’s lives. They are also committed to their employees, creating initiatives to help build company culture and a sense of community among them. But they lacked the tools to measure and improve business outcomes through employee engagement. So, they decided to try Bonfyre as a dedicated channel to build workplace relationships and company culture.

“Bonfyre is the perfect platform to share, connect and improve engagement” – Susie Gibson, Director of Communication at Option Care Health



Option Care Health set out to connect their entire workforce through shared interests and personal connections. Connecting their workforce in this way fosters higher engagement and feelings of belonging amongst employees. Knowing that highly engaged businesses have 41% lower absenteeism, and businesses with the highest levels of employee engagement are 22% more profitable, Option Care Health set out improve their business outcomes through employee engagement.

Option Care Health also set out to consolidate their digital communication and engagement tools into a single platform that brings together the tools to measure and drive engagement. (employee recognition, employee surveys, internal communication)


Option Care Health used Bonfyre to create a dedicated, employee-centric channel for human connection among their RCM Teams as a complement to their productivity tools. Partnering with Bonfyre’s Client Success Team to help implement best practices to accelerate impact, Bonfyre was setup to maximize engagement across their dispersed RCM teams. Communities for each work location were initiated, as well as a communities that spanned multiple regions.

Knowing that organizations with higher than average employee engagement have been known to exceed the financial performance of their peers by 73%, a large focus was put on getting Bonfyre launched company-wide to reach all employees. Using the success that the RCM teams were experiencing, Bonfyre was adopted by every employee at Option Care Health, regardless of location or role.


{Caption explanation with stats about nurses week. Potential stats to use about Nurse’s Week:

  • 372 total posts by 155 people sharing their stories and appreciation to the nurses at Option Care
  • 26 Superhero badges were awarded by employees to their fellow nurse colleagues
  • Option Care persona posted 7 videos from VP of Nursing and each of the 6 Regional Nurse Managers. These posts averaged 20 likes and comments which were some of the top posts from the week!
  • 68 people took Nurses trivia and the top 5 winners all won $50 Amazon gift cards. The winners were all nurses and were so excited to win! }


Bonfyre was implemented company-wide since as a tool to improve engagement, increase productivity, and provide cost savings. Their most recent NPS survey shows increases across the board in engagement statistics. As well as improvements in cost savings and engagement actions. Here are the highlights:

    • 21% increase in NPS company-wide
    • 33% increase in employee appreciation
    • 14% increase in employee’s sense of belonging
    • 84% increase in recognition activity
    • 31% more app usage from top performing teams
    • X% platform adoption
    • $X cost savings from platform consolidation (Achievers)








We need to use this tool as a way to communicate with everyone. Now more than ever, human connection and engagement is so important.” – Luke Whitworth, SVP, Revenue Cycle Management at Option Care Health

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