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Option Care Health Builds Culture and Community Across a Distributed Workforce

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In-home infusion services organization launches digital channel dedicated to workplace relationships; sees 21-point lift in eNPS.  

Option Care Health is a leading provider of home infusion services committed to delivering high-quality, cost effective solutions to make a positive difference in people’s lives. It is also employee-centric, creating initiatives to promote a sense of community among them.  Maintaining those efforts is challenging given the dynamics of a geographically distributed team, demands of frontline caregivers and unprecedented impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Option Care Health saw an opportunity to further modernize how it connects with employees, all while supporting priority outcomes for the business.  So it launched Bonfyre as a dedicated channel to build workplace relationships and company culture.


“Bonfyre is perfect for building community and engaging employees.  Now more than ever, human connection at work is so important.” – Susie Gibson, Director of Communications


2020 has been a pivotal year for Option Care Health as it launched unified post-merger culture initiatives and maintained essential care during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Employee-oriented goals for the business included:

  • Connecting team members, helping them better get to know leaders and each other
  • Rallying the organization around updated cultural values and 2020 business priorities
  • Communicating important COVID-19 updates and fast changing protocols
  • Enhancing employee appreciation and recognition
  • Streamlining their communication and engagement technology stack


To achieve its goals, Option Care Health first evaluated its communication stack to find opportunities.  While it had in place tools for productivity & collaboration, policy & form management, account planning and secure messaging, it saw a need for a solution to support workplace relationships and maintain culture.  Enter Bonfyre.

Option Care Health worked closely with Bonfyre’s Client Success Team to shape a customized success and implementation plan geared toward its business goals.  Part of the plan included an initial pilot, where a key department used the platform to communicate company priorities, align cultures across geographies and recognize employee efforts (with the Bonfyre rollout, it sunset a standalone recognition-only platform).

With the success of the pilot, and increased urgency to connect all employees during the pandemic, Option Care Health extended Bonfyre company-wide.  It could now reach all employees with trackable communications, humanize leadership through personal video messages and widely showcase the amazing work of its team.  Part of its strategy was to channel team appreciation through Bonfyre during National Nurses Week, where it created a “Celebrating our Superheros” campaign that drove a high volume of leader and peer initiated recognition for its frontline caregivers.  Activity included:.

  • 7 videos featuring goodwill messages posted by nursing leadership
  • 26 Superhero badges awarded by employees to their fellow nurse colleagues
  • 370 posts sharing stories and appreciation for Option Care Health nurses

For these types of employee campaigns, key company communications and day-to-day connectivity, Bonfyre is Option Care Health’s solution for growing workplace relationships.


Option Care Health has seen strong adoption and activity on the Bonfyre platform, which drives meaningful value for employees and the company.  With the support of the Bonfyre Client Success Team, it continually reviews and optimizes against these metrics to ensure its achieving the greatest impact possible.

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