Engagement tools embedded in Microsoft Teams

Bonfyre for Microsoft Teams makes it easy for leaders to take the right actions to move the needle on retention, engagement scores, and performance.

Build a high-performing culture inside Microsoft Teams

Give leaders the reminders, ideas, and embedded tools they need.

Team Engagement

Embedded engagement capabilities

Recognition, team activities, multi-language communications, wellbeing reminders, surveys, and more. Give organizations and leaders the embedded engagement tools they need to build culture and high-performing teams.

Leader Enablement

Pre-packaged actions

Bonfyre offers a customized library of pre-packaged actions – from team building activities to recognition – that leaders can launch in a few clicks, so they don’t have to spend time researching what to do.


Employee journey automation

Automated actions and reminders make it easy to welcome a new hire, celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries, collect milestone-based feedback, put training programs into action, drive DEI and culture programs, and more.


Action-level insights

Unlock Action Plans 2.0 by bridging the gap between engagement survey scores and the everyday actions that drive them. Bonfyre is the only solution with end-to-end visibility into which recommended actions leaders take, which ones have high engagement and how these correlate to KPIs like retention, engagement scores, and performance – all without relying on self-reporting.

See how it works

Find out how to bring the engagement tools your leaders need right inside Microsoft Teams.

Ignite your company culture

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