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High-Tech Organizational Culture vs. Priority Alignment

Workplace Strategies  |  Rob Seay talks to Fred Coon in this episode of the Workplace Strategies podcast about organizational culture and priority alignment related to engaging and retaining a multi-generational workforce.

As Work Evolves, Culture Has to Keep Up

HR Dive  |  Bonfyre CEO Mark Sawyier adds his thoughts on the need for evolving company cultures, and the employee-led improvements that often come from them.

How to Spot Emotional Intelligence

Talent Economy  |  Bonfyre Director of Employee Experience Rob Seay chimes in on the role emotional intelligence plays in shaping culture.

The Pros and Cons of Hiring for ‘Culture Fit’

Talent Economy  |  Bonfyre Director of Employee Experience Rob Seay shares when culture fit is (and isn't) appropriate for hiring criteria.

Bonfyre: Improving Workforce Engagement and Driving Culturally Enriched Workplaces

Insights Success  |  Bonfyre was named a Top 10 Best Performing HR Solutions Providers of 2017 by Insights Success and featured in their August issue.

How the Knowledge Economy Is Completely Redefining HR

TLNT  |  Bonfyre CEO Mark Sawyier shares his thoughts on how the knowledge economy has ushered in HR’s renaissance, evolving from a one-dimensional focus on singular tasks and outputs into a practice that increasingly mirrors the multidimensional complexity of human beings.