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Diversity & Inclusion

Maximize the impact of your diversity initiatives with a dedicated digital space that helps all employees feel like they belong. Leverage technology to break down systemic limitations and create a more inclusive workplace.

  • Reach and include all employees
  • Facilitate digital discussions on key D&I topics
  • Extend the impact of new and existing employee groups
  • Interactive feedback to shape organizational efforts
  • Encourage sharing of experiences and interests
  • Drive People KPIs

Reach and include all employees

Provide a contemporary, mobile-first digital community for every employee, regardless of their location, language or role. Reach the entire company with key culture messages and initiatives, while bringing everyone together on a relationship-focused platform to forge connections across departments and allow all voices to be heard.

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Facilitate digital discussions on key D&I topics

Enable real-time conversations and resource access for all D&I topics. Communicating across large, diverse employee groups is hard. Bonfyre’s two-way communication channel makes it easy to share best practices, discuss timely topics, and create an open dialogue among managers and employees.

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Extend the impact of new and existing employee groups

Create an accessible digital home for company and employee led groups (Employee Resource Groups, affinity groups and more). Dedicated Bonfyre communities allow groups to gain company-wide visibility to their mission, causes, resources and actions, helping to expand awareness and participation.

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Interactive feedback to shape organizational efforts

Polls and surveys make it easy to hear directly from your employees and keep a pulse on engagement, sentiment and wellbeing. Leverage Bonfyre quick polls or anonymous multi-question surveys to collect and analyze segmented data, helping you identify opportunities and trends that can further enhance your D&I initiatives.

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Encourage sharing of experiences and interests

Build camaraderie and commonality by encouraging shared experiences and interests across all employees. Bonfyre delivers the digital touchpoints required in today’s world to maximize interaction and relationships — themed campaigns, recognition badges, team building programs, and more—creating an inclusive workplace built on trust.

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Drive People KPIs.

As a workplace culture hub, Bonfyre delivers insights that correlate People KPIs to every day digital behaviors, from giving recognition to participating in virtual ERGs. These insights fuel automated actions and “nudges” to help leaders move the needle on retention, productivity, engagement scores, and culture health.

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“Bonfyre provided us another great way, even in a very disruptive and different work environment, to still feel like we all are part of one team.”

– Luke Whitworth, SVP, Option Care Health

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