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Bonfyre offers free solution for a complex COVID-19 engagement challenge – keeping employees and organizations connected during furloughs

St. Louis, MO (April 21, 2020) Bonfyre – building human connections at work through a digital platform with the most important tools to measure and drive employee engagement – announced today that organizations can implement its technology at no cost for six months to improve connectivity during employee furloughs.

Given the impact of COVID-19 and the measures we are taking globally to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, The Economic Policy Institute estimates employee furloughs could reach as many as 20 million Americans by July 2020. During a furlough, employee bases separate from their responsibilities, work routines and traditional access to company information.

“This is a confusing time for employees and employers. But if we follow a scenario that takes the recession of 2008 into consideration, what could we have done differently or better? How can we position ourselves to retain and attract the talent we’ll need when conditions improve,” questions employee engagement consultant, Jason Lauritsen. “The lesson is clear: companies must make engagement a top priority now, including caring for the human aspects of what employees are facing. There’s too much at stake, in terms of the wellbeing of employees impacted, the public perception of the organization and the ability to come out successful on the other side of this crisis,” says Lauritsen.

Bonfyre wants to help, and is making its versatile employee experience platform available at no cost for six months to impacted companies. With Bonfyre’s platform, organizations can offer employees a contemporary way to receive updates, access resources and provide feedback, all via their mobile device in real-time. The platform has seen a 150% increase in usage since March, being well positioned to help organizations and team members stay engaged and connected during this time.

“Now more than ever, organizations must create a modern communications channel for their employees, both to give them needed information and resources and to maintain the human connection essential for navigating these extremely challenging times,” says Mark Sawyier, CEO and Co-Founder of Bonfyre.

The importance of having a communication plan is critical, especially one that incorporates a central location that is flexible and reaches employees where they are. During a furlough, employees are typically without work computers, manager emails, and access to internal company systems and platforms.

“We have to consider that any crisis is a temporary one,” says Laurie Ruettimann, author and human resources consultant. “Companies must be on top of employee engagement – whether for essential workers or employees impacted by furlough – for the duration. It’s the right and human thing to do, but it’s also imperative that you have a talent pool to draw from when you return to being fully operational again,” shares Ruettimann.

With Bonfyre, companies create a digital engagement and multi-language communications hub that:

  • Maintains connections: Continue relationships with employees so they are more likely to reactivate when the furlough is complete
  • Improves communications: Target and reach employees with right information & resources at the right time, accessible via a personal mobile device
  • Reinforces knowledge: Update employees on company progress, product launches and new initiatives so they hit the ground running upon return
  • Preserves reputation: Deliver a human experience that supports employee wellbeing, strengthening the employer brand
    Produces insights: Analyze the platform’s activity, content and sentiment data to anticipate trends and refine outreach

About Bonfyre

Powered by a delightful, mobile-first communications channel designed to build human connection with our work, Bonfyre is a single frontend destination for the most important tools to measure and drive employee engagement. With everything in one place, Bonfyre automates engagement at scale by making it easy for every employee – regardless of location, role, or language – to take the right digital actions to move the needle on KPIs like retention, engagement scores, and more. Based in St. Louis, Bonfyre is a valued solution within a variety of organizations like Commerce Bank, conEdison, MTM and Option Care Health.

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