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It’s an amazing fact: 37% of US employees worked remotely in 2015. Now, being part of a “team” reaches across disciplines, projects and philosophies. But with the Bonfyre mobile app, it’s easy for remote teams to collaborate and find common ground – which leads to higher retention and productivity.

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As a real-time social collaboration platform, Bonfyre makes it easy for employees to share ideas, challenges, successes and more. It’s also infinitely searchable, with features like hashtags, keyword search and mentions helping build a living knowledge repository.

Make large companies feel small.

Company news and updates post in real time, so everyone’s always in the know. Your Bonfyre communities will reach across geography and disciplines, breaking down walls to help teams connect on a personal level.

Improve retention.

Employees are seven times more likely to stay when they have a close friend at work. Bonfyre helps employees create and foster these bonds – across the hall and around the world.

Chat, share and create.

Once you introduce your employees to Bonfyre, you’ll see they’re talking more, sharing more – and even creating their own groups. It’s all part of the plan.

Measure engagement.

Right on your dashboard, you can see in real time who’s using Bonfyre and how they’re sharing and downloading content. You’ll be able to identify leaders and even measure team sentiment, so you can take action right away.

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