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Bonfyre engages people before, during and after your events.
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Company meetings play an important role in a broader engagement strategy. They are important investments that bring people together to build relationships, to celebrate victories and learn from each other. The Bonfyre mobile app improves the overall meeting and event experience with always-updated agendas, maps, live surveys, trivia and more.

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Extend event engagement.

You’re spending a lot of time and money on employee events. Start the Bonfyre weeks in advance to build momentum ahead of the event and keep engagement going long after it’s over.

Bring 50% more people into the fold.

Our customers see an average of 80% of attendees joining the event Bonfyre and 45% posting content – that’s 50% higher than other event apps. Bonfyre is fun, immediately familiar to use and comes with a customized activation program created by our team of engagement advisors.

Go paperless.

We make it easy for everyone to have instant access to the information they need, without bulky handouts or always-misplaced printed agendas.

Customize the event experience.

You know best what your people need – and Bonfyre frees you to integrate it all. Interactive maps, networking tools, enhanced profiles, trivia games. We’ll set it up for you.

Connect people through shared experiences.

Events glow brighter with Bonfyre, as people interact not just with information, but with each other – sharing ideas, experiences, photos and more.

Measure everything. Act accordingly.

With more people using Bonfyre, you get access to a wealth of actionable data. We’ll help you measure sentiment, identify influencers and uncover which activities and speakers are most effective – so you can make adjustments on the fly or capture ideas for your next event.

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