Bonfyre Enterprise Features

Last revised Dec 14, 2020

As a Bonfyre enterprise customer, you will have access to both Basic and Enterprise features, outlined below.

Employee Communications

  • Unlimited chat content (chats, photos, and videos)
  • Customizable menu (link to static pages, PDFs, graphics, control promo bar)
  • Targeted text, photo, and video communications
  • One-on-one direct messaging
  • Individual user profiles
  • @mentions (tag users)
  • Automatic chat translation (auto-translate into 50+ languages)
  • Broadcasts (ecosystem leads, auto-translate into 50+ languages)
  • Announcements
  • Campaign Feature to encourage team building actions
  • Campaign library access
  • Easy file sharing
  • Searchable hashtags
  • Content and keyword search
  • In-app, push and email notifications
  • Web access
  • Customizable and educational trivia games
  • Photo exports and slideshows
  • Extended videos up to 40MB via web (admin-only)
  • Custom lists: directory, core values, etc.

Surveys and Feedback

  • Scheduled multi-question surveys
  • Quick polls (single question pulse survey)
  • Recommended survey questions
  • NPS and scaled survey question types
  • Unlimited one-on-one direct messaging


  • Customizable digital recognition program
  • Customizable recognition badges
  • Badge library access
  • Program customization

Analytics and Admin Dashboard

  • Utilization reports across an individual community or all communities (i.e. platform breakdown, adoption, activity)
  • Broadcast management (custom groups, send messages, review read receipts)
  • Consumption data (opens, likes, comments, and peak time of day or day of week)
  • Recognition program management (custom badges, control frequency or admin-only)
  • Multi-admin support
  • Custom branding
  • Recognition reports and export (csv)
  • User leaderboard export and export (csv)
  • Survey and Quick Poll results and export (csv)
  • Trivia results and export (csv)

Internal Meetings and Events

  • Agenda tool
  • Speaker and sponsor bios
  • Live polling and photo projection
  • Photo fundraising


  • Content categorization and analysis (ex: Knowledge Sharing, Relationship Building, Internal Communications, and Recognition)
  • Measurement tied to goals and KPIs

Security and Control

  • Private Bonfyre communities
  • Unlimited number of Bonfyre communities
  • Moderation control (delete content, ban users)
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Automated nightly (scheduled) imports
  • Custom terms of service opt-in
  • Support external domain users
  • Privacy control
  • Basic push notifications
  • Single Sign-On (SAML 2)
  • Automated Personnel Sync (Directory Sync)
  • GDPR Compliant


  • Dedicated strategy team
  • Custom activation strategy and content plan
  • Strategic engagement support
  • Ongoing 1-1 account and tech support
  • Initial 1-1 admin training
  • Ongoing admin trainings
  • 1-1 monthly and/or quarterly reporting