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Video Interview: The Download with Bonfyre – St. Louis Regional Chamber

TABITHA SARRIS - We share Bonfyre’s proven results for digital solutions at this challenging time. Mark Sawyier, Bonfyre CEO, explains why companies need to invest in solutions to build workplace relationships and culture.

Fox 2 News Exclusive Interview: Bonfyre to help maximize collaboration and human connection

ST. LOUIS - To fight isolation while workers are at home, Bonfyre has an app to maximize collaboration and human connection. Available to small and medium sized businesses free for 6-months.

Bonfyre Tackles Local Remote Worker Isolation and Improves Employee Engagement as COVID-19 Disrupts Workplace Relationships

Bonfyre is offering its software at no cost for six months to local small and medium businesses to help improve communication and connectivity.

Bonfyre offers free solution for a complex COVID-19 engagement challenge – keeping employees and organizations connected during furloughs

Bonfyre announced today that organizations can implement its technology at no cost for six months to improve connectivity during employee furloughs.

Bonfyre Raises $1.2M, Eyes Series B Funding Later this Year

The new funding comes as Bonfyre has seen rapid revenue growth in the past year and is plotting to bring on even more funding later this year.

10 Best Tech Startups in St. Louis

Taking into account criteria like revenue potential, leadership team, and product traction, The Tech Tribune ranked Bonfyre as one of the 10 Best Tech Startups in St. Louis.