Group Of Businessmen And Businesswomen Meeting To Discuss Ideas

5 Ways to Promote an Open Environment — and Avoid Oversharing

With 26 percent of American workers actively disengaged and another 45 percent feeling unengaged, it’s more important than ever to embrace an open and sharing workplace culture. Over the last 35 years, scientific research has demonstrated that human decision-making is influenced more by emotions than conscious thoughts. Emotions are so important that in 1994, poor…

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Teach for America ignites recruitment team training with Bonfyre

Teach for America utilized Bonfyre for their annual 200-person recruitment training with the goals to build camaraderie between new and current employees, set a cultural foundation for the rest of the year, and unite employees around their mission. During the 30-day training, employees used Bonfyre to participate in team-bonding activities, access critical training information, foster…

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