Team Building

Build teams across departments, disciplines and locations.

Here’s how it works.


Invite everyone

Bonfyre makes it easy to get everyone into the fold. We’ll even build your launch strategy, with features like Active Directory syncing, email invites, password assignments and customized terms of service.

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Communities and groups

Set up Bonfyres around existing teams, projects and interest groups, giving people private areas to interact, collaborate and bond. Empower employees to create their own groups, too.

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Profile pages

Every Bonfyre user has a detailed profile page. The globe feature uses this information to create a searchable directory with customizable fields like skills, hometown and even personal facts like favorite bands.

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Build a multiple choice trivia game to reinforce core values, new product knowledge or as a fun way to build bonds and uncover new connections among the team.

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Pop surveys

Create instant surveys that team members (or the entire company) can answer in seconds. As an administrator, you’ll get instant results right in the app on your phone.

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Measure everything

Our advanced analytics engine lets you see how teams are using Bonfyre, and where there may be gaps in engagement. You can even measure sentiment – so you can spot problems before they disrupt teams.

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