Company Meetings and Events

Gathering people together is just the beginning.

Here’s how it works.



We’ve made it easy for administrators to invite the right people to every event. You can import attendees from registration data, add passwords and custom terms of service and provide links to important information.

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Maps, hotels and more

Right on their phones, attendees get an interactive map that highlights local destinations and activities, with links to key information about travel arrangements and more. No one will be out of the loop.

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Personalized agendas

With Bonfyre, everyone always knows where they’re supposed to be and when – with complete daily schedules, breakouts, session details, speaker bios and sponsor profiles.

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Every step of the way, Bonfyre makes it easy for people to connect with each other before, during and after your event. We create an evergreen community around your meeting, building powerful, lasting connections.

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Surveys and quizzes

We’ll help you take the pulse of your audience – and share reactions in real time. No need for complex reports – with Bonfyre, you’ll get a sense of how everyone’s feeling, right inside the app.

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Measure everything, take action

With more people using Bonfyre, you get access to a wealth of actionable data. We’ll help you measure sentiment, identify influencers and uncover which activities and speakers are most effective – so you can make adjustments on the fly or capture ideas for your next event.

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