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Foster connections with employees.

When employees feel connected to their work and the people they work with, they become more engaged. Facilitating employee engagement requires a dedicated platform tailored to building relationships, just as productivity requires dedicated tools for performing work.

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Get deeper engagement, no matter where people live or work.

Change how your employees communicate, connect, and build relationships in the workplace. Create communities around existing groups, topics, or new initiatives.

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Establish an ongoing feedback loop.

Instantly share company, department, or team news, and get immediate feedback from team members.


Measure engagement.

Get results and insights to identify influencers, and uncover which activities and initiatives are most effective so you can make adjustments to an existing engagement strategy or craft a new one.

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Improve retention.

Employees are seven times more likely to stay with a company when they have friends at work. Help employees create and foster these bonds–across the hall and around the world.


Great relationships start with great clients.

Express Scripts and Commerce Bank share how Bonfyre has helped drive employee engagement within their organizations.

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