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Bonfyre takes internal communications to a whole new level.
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In today’s world, employee communications must be immediate, interactive and strategic, and that’s where most company intranets fall short. They’re deep repositories of information that are often cumbersome and always passive. We created the Bonfyre app to give you an immersive, personal, proactive way to reach every employee every day – right on their phones through our mobile app.

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Real-time company news and updates.

Instant updates make it easy to share news with everyone in the company anywhere in the world – safety alerts, major milestones, new clients or strategic initiatives.

Supporting key strategic initiatives.

The Bonfyre app is a powerful way to keep employees engaged about initiatives like wellness, diversity and philanthropy. Through Bonfyre, employees bring these endeavors to life, creating ongoing buzz, credibility and momentum.

Actionable, real-time intelligence and feedback.

Take a survey. Ask pop-up questions. Bonfyre delivers a wealth of tools that help you measure sentiment, identify influencers and gauge reaction to your strategic initiatives.

Sharing information and experiences.

Bonfyre creates single place employees can go to read, share and react to information. It’s simple, fun and immediately familiar – because it works just like the social media tools they use every day.

Building relationships.

Bonfyre creates human connections essential to an engaged workforce. It’s a shared space for employees to gather around your internal communications campaigns and discover mutual values and interests.

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