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Bonfyre delivers actionable data about your engagement strategy.
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Do you know why people come to work at your company? Why they stay, and why they leave? Most companies have limited data around these factors – but the Bonfyre platform gives you real-time insights into what’s working. With data gathered through the mobile app and analyzed on our exclusive platform, we can show you where employees are engaged, informed and happy. And we can help you identify areas that might need some refinement. All in all, Bonfyre is about helping you make sound, strategic decisions about your most important asset – your employees.

Bonfyre brings data to life.
See how it works
Understand what’s working.

Your Bonfyre data dashboard lets you see instant feedback on what programs are engaging employees by measuring how people react – allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

Get results in real time.

You don’t have to wait for a weekly report. Your Bonfyre dashboard is always up to date – letting you track how employees react to announcements and posts as they happen.

Solve problems now.

You can compare data between groups and locations, so you can identify gaps in employee engagement or knowledge before they impact performance or morale.

Increase performance.

With Bonfyre, you’ll know exactly what works to keep your employees happy and engaged – leading to increased productivity, retention and performance.

Take action.

We help you see data from a variety of angles – enabling you to make smarter decisions for every team, every step of the way.

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