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Bonfyre revolutionizes your company culture with the power of recognition.
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Traditional yearly performance reviews don’t cut it for today’s multigenerational workforce. People are used to (and social media has reinforced) constant feedback and affirmation. We’ve built the Bonfyre app to reach across age, gender, race and company rank or position. Giving everyone a voice. Creating an environment where meaningful rewards and recognition bring people together and drive even better performance.

Build a culture around positive feedback.
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Shower them with praise.

Employees to great things every day, and Bonfyre makes it easy for them to be instantly recognized by anyone, anywhere in the world.

The power of leadership participation.

Successful recognition programs depend on leadership participation, and Bonfyre gives leaders a direct channel to interact with employees. Imagine an employee’s reaction knowing CEO saw their team photo and “liked” it.

Integrate with existing recognition components.

Leverage Bonfyre to create social credibility and momentum around your recognition program and key behaviors – photo contests, milestone announcements, etc. Want to get more advanced? We will work with you to identify integration opportunities with 3rd party fulfillment platform partners.

Strategically improve satisfaction.

The Bonfyre platform can become the cornerstone to your retention strategy, as employees who feel recognized and appreciated are more productive and stay in their jobs longer.

Gain key insights.

You’ll get a real-time look at the impact of rewards, including who’s getting the most positive feedback for their work – which of course, encourages even more good work from more people.

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