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More than ever, today’s teams and workforces span not just talents and tasks but generations and geographies. The Bonfyre mobile app helps you bridge gaps, working as part of your global engagement strategy to bring people together. It’s a unique, 21st century approach that gives everyone a voice and helps you lay the foundation for a strong, inclusive company culture.

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It all starts with relationships.

We’ve designed Bonfyre to be an extension of your existing engagement strategy, giving employees a fresh, yet immediately familiar, way to connect and build personal relationships. After all, employees who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to stay in their jobs.

Socialize core values.

As a mobile app, Bonfyre creates a space separate from employees’ workflows. This brings your company culture to life, giving employees a way to socialize and share what they care about through chat, photos and videos.

Give everyone a voice.

People express themselves in different ways but the positive impact of feeling like you have contributed to something is universal. Bonfyre lets people share ideas, one-on-one-chats, photos – even simple likes and affirmation. It gives everyone a voice.

Support diversity programs and affinity groups

The Bonfyre app is a powerful tool for celebrating successes and milestones within employee groups that stretch across multiple locations. It’s all with a goal to keep stakeholders and communities throughout your company stay connected on a personal level.

Build culture from within.

You can’t dictate culture. By encouraging meaningful interactions, Bonfyre helps you organically build a sense of shared goals and beliefs across your entire company.

Measure and adjust.

On your dashboard, you’ll get real-time data on key influencers and even on employee sentiment – information you can use to further strengthen culture.

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