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Bonfyre is, quite simply, a mobile app for connecting your employees to each other – across locations, departments and disciplines. Our Engagement Advisors can help you craft a strategy to bring all of the pieces into place, even alongside your existing engagement efforts.

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The Bonfyre mobile app is the centerpiece of our engagement platform. It’s a standalone mobile app (with a corresponding web interface) – so there’s nothing to integrate, nothing to install on the desktop – and nothing to get in the way of real engagement.

  • Company Meetings & Events

    There’s nothing better than a companywide event to bring everyone together. We’ll extend the life of your event – connecting people before, during and after the meeting.

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  • Internal Communications

    Today, internal communications is about more than spreading news: it’s about breaking down walls, aligning cultures and making offices and locations on opposite sides of the world seem like neighbors.

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  • Team Building

    People want to work with companies where they feel they’re part of something bigger and where they feel camaraderie with their coworkers. And that’s where Bonfyre can help you excel.

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  • Company Culture

    How do you bridge the gap between generations, locations and departments to build a cohesive company culture? It all starts with bringing people together, and we make it happen.

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  • Employee Recognition

    It’s not just about prizes or rewards. We’ve learned employees genuinely want to know how they’re doing. And they want to be recognized for a job well done. We make it easy.

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  • HR Business Intelligence

    Knowing how people feel – not yearly, but in real time – is a key component in any active engagement strategy, and it’s an essential part of the Bonfyre engagement platform.

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