Bonfyre Partners With The Adler Planetarium To Create Private Social Networks For the Adler After Dark Series

By Jake Bernstein

Bonfyre has established a partnership with the Adler Planetarium for its February installment of their “Adler After Dark” event series beginning Thursday 2/20.

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The Adler’s theme this month was “Star-Crossed”, which features headlining partner Broadway in Chicago.  With Bonfyre, Adler After Dark event attendees deepened their experience via real-time event updates, special prizes, photo-sharing opportunities and participation in the Star-Crossed Bingo Board.

“We’re very excited to be working with the Adler Planetarium to enrich the attendee experience around such a fun, social and educational event like Adler After Dark,” said Mark Sawyier, CEO of Bonfyre. “Bonfyre’s social narrowcasting platform will enable the Adler to deliver an engaging digital experience to compliment their great programing and activities inside the museum.”

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The “Adler After Dark: Star-Crossed” bonfyre empowered Adler members and attendees to share their personal experiences and gain new vantage points into their exploratory museum in a social manner.  Specific benefits included:

  • Access to exclusive content like behind-the-scenes photos
  • Full schedule access and up-to-the-minute event updates
  • Photo-slideshow of all photos circulating during the event
  • Participation in the Star-Crossed Bingo Board with giveaways
  • Real-time chat with the Adler and other event attendees

“Adler After Dark is constantly reinventing itself and using new and dynamic platforms to engage guests,” said Kyle Sater Senior Educator, Public Program Development, Adler Planetarium.  “We want our guests to socialize and share an experience…whether that’s seeing a sky show, looking through a telescope, exploring an exhibit, or learning something new in a science demo…and Bonfyre will add another layer to that experience.”

The event was a star-powered success. Over 125 people joined the official bonfyre, sharing 100+ chats and photos and opening the app close to 2500 times over the course of the night.

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We have begun expansion into the Chicago market over the past several months and are excited to bolster our presence by partnering with community-driven, non-profit organizations like the Adler Planetarium.

Contact us for your next non-profit event, charity fundraiser or other member-based activity.

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